Other Funding Sources


There are a variety of ways to obtain funding for your student organization besides Club Finance Council. Some other funding sources for registered student organizations at UC Davis are listed below.

1. Center for Student Involvement-Beyond Tolerance Grant

Beyond Tolerance, sponsored by the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) in partnership with the Office of Campus Community Relations, provides monetary support up to $200.00 for programs and events. It is part of the Hate-Free Campus Initiative, created to confront and stop acts of hate, foster a greater awareness of and appreciation for diversity, promote civility and respect in our human interactions, and build a more inclusive campus community.

Website: http://csi.ucdavis.edu/programs/beyond-tolerance/

2. Cross Cultural Center (CCC)

The Cross Cultural Center provides funds for cultural programs as well as student leadership and development opportunities. Students, student organizations, faculty members, academic departments and campus units may request funds.

Funding Amount: Varies
Application Location: CCC website and CCC Main Office
Deadline for Application: Minimum 21 days prior to event
How often can you apply? Unlimited
Contact: Nathan Ellstrand
Phone #: 530-752-4287
Office Location: Cross Cultural Center located on the first floor of Student Community Center
E-mail: ccc@ucdavis.edu
Website: http://ccc.ucdavis.edu/grants.html

3. Student Recruitment and Retention Center (SRRC)

The SRRC Grant provides funding for organizations planning programs that support and promote outreach and retention to students of underrepresented and historically under-served communities. Retention Goal: To support enrolled undergraduates and graduate students to strengthen retention services. Outreach Goal: To promote and support academic preparation, leadership training, and cultural enrichment activities for non-college tracked youth (K-20).

Funding Amount: Up to $1000
Application Location: Online at the SRRC website
Deadline for Application: By midnight of the posted deadlines
How often can you apply? Unlimited
Contact: Mayra Llamas
Phone #: 530-752-7280
Office Location: SRRC located on the first floor of Student Community Center
E-mail: srrc.grants@gmail.com
Website: http://srrc.ucdavis.edu/resources/srrc-grants.html

4. Student Assistants to the Chancellor Funds

The Student Assistants to the Chancellor advise administrators on student issues and concerns, facilitating communication and understanding between undergraduate, graduate and professional students, and interacting with student organizations and assisting students with problems and concerns. They organize dialogues between students, staff, faculty, administrators and outside community members, provide support, financial and otherwise to various campus departments and organizations, and serve as a liaison between students and administrators. Joint events are preferred for funding.

Funding Amount: $200
Find Application: Online
Application Deadline: No deadline; well in advance of your event
How often can you apply? Once per year
Phone #: 530-752-2440
E-mail: sac@ucdavis.edu
Website: http://sac.ucdavis.edu/get_funding/index.html

5. Woman’s Resource and Research Center (WRRC)

WRRC offers a wide range of co-sponsorships – monetary funds in-kind supplies and materials, WRRC career and intern staff time (i.e. facilitate or speak on a topic), graphic design publicity, photocopy printing; PR/publicity, WRRC room space (i.e. North Hall – Righteous Babes Lounge, Library, and 113 North Hall), and bullhorn access (sound permit required per campus policy).

Funding Amount: Varies
Find Application: Online
Application Deadline: Allow 2-3 weeks for consideration/approval of proposal and application
How often can you apply? Unlimited
Phone #: (530) 752-3372
E-mail: wrrc@ucdavis.edu
Website: http://wrrc.ucdavis.edu

6. Go Green Grant

UC Davis Dining Services recognizes the value in student engagement and education related to environmental and food systems sustainability through projects, service learning, and student-organized activities. UC Davis Dining Services Go Green Grants provide funds for individuals or teams of University of California, Davis (UC Davis) students, staff, and faculty to research, develop, implement, and design solutions to campus sustainability challenges. Grants are awarded for projects fostering a more sustainable campus.

Website: http://dining.ucdavis.edu/sus-green.html

7. Dean Witter fund

The Dean Witter Fund promotes informal faculty-student interaction and was established by a contribution from Dean Witter, founder of the San Francisco investment firm. Although the funds (subject to stated limitation) may be used to defer the cost of a variety of events, the program is primarily intended to encourage group interaction.

Phone #: 530-752-2417
Website: http://studentaffairs.ucdavis.edu/students/dean-witter/