2013 Adams Award For Leadership in a Student Organization

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Congratulations to the recipients of the 2013 Adams Award for Leadership in a Student Organization, presented in honor and memory of Ted Adams:

Guenevieve del Mundo, Bayanihan Clinic

Guenevieve is an inspiring and dedicated student leader at UC Davis.  Her work with the Bayanihan clinic has been critical in the development of a sustainable and progressive organization.  Guenevieve has implemented bylaws, standardized agendas and electronic practices which have contributed to the development of an efficient and impactful organization.  She has initiated numerous projects including a benefit concert, Hepatitis B screening program for the clinic and a Healthy Breast Program through the Susan G Komen Foundation.   All these successes would not have been possible without her collaborative efforts with other volunteers and group members.  Guenevieve has done an extraordinary job with this group and has shown that her leadership skills and efforts will be instrumental in shaping the course of the group for the future.

Francis Nguyen, Popping Club @ UC Davis

Francis is a fine example of a leader that takes initiative, creates structure and inspires other students.  Through his leadership, Popping Club has not only grown in membership but has established themselves locally and nationally.  He has been integral to the success of their dance program that improves member’s dance ability, leadership, self-confidence and self-esteem.   Francis has also reached out on a regional and national level, inspiring others to start and improve other popping organizations on college campuses across the United States.  Within the organization he has improved their structure and practices so that Popping Club has the resources and tools to thrive in future years.  Francis has greatly contributed to the development of an organization that connects students not only with dance but their sense of self.

CSI also would like to recognize and thank the following nominees for their leadership and remarkable contributions to their organization, UC Davis and the community locally and globally:

Harley Brinkman, Alpha Phi
Richard Brown, Davis Fighting-Game Club
Robel Haile, Bottles for Poverty
Derrick Guerrero, Mga Kapatid
Leesa Li, Greek Intervarsity
Jordan Schaub, SickSpits Poetry Collective
L. Carolina Tavárez Varela, Ann Prepare Lavni
Zachary Wyatt, Delta Epsilon Mu
Kaveh Zamani, Iranian Student Association (Sedad), Chancellor’s Graduate & Professional Student Advisory Board

The Adams Award is presented annually by Center for Student Involvement to a leader of a registered student organization who has effectively directed or influenced the student organization, campus and/or wider community. In honor of Ted Adams, former Director of the UC Davis Student Programs and Activities Center who wished to recognize student leaders, this award honors individual leadership and accomplishment within registered student organizations.