Meet Audrey Huyghe

Audrey Huyghe is a first year Cinema and Digital Media major.

Q&A with Audrey

Q: Where are you from?

A: Atlanta, Georgia

Q: Favorite thing(s) about UC Davis?

A: The beautiful campus, the amount of opportunities, and the cows (obviously).

Q: What are you most looking forward to at UC Davis?

A: Learning new things both inside and outside the classroom

Q: Fun facts about you?

A: I lived in Hong Kong for three years, and I have three dogs back home whose names all start with the letter B.

Q: What registered student organizations are you a part of currently?

A: The Involvement Vlogger group, and also a regular member at the Davis Nerf Club.

Q: Dream job?

A: Some sort of digital content creator, hopefully focused on video production!

Q: What is your greatest hope as an Involvement Vlogger?

A: To help inspire others get more involved with student life while having fun at the same time!