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In the spirit of the Principles of Community, the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) in partnership with the Office of Campus Community Relations sponsor the Beyond Tolerance Program.

This grant program provides monetary support of up to $200 annually to RSOs for educational programs, training, and activities that meet the objectives of the Campus Hate Free Initiative to:

  • Confront and stop acts of hate
  • Foster a greater awareness and appreciation for diversity
  • Promote civility and respect in our human interactions
  • Build a more inclusive campus community.
Hate-Free Campus Initiative

The Hate-Free Campus Initiative was developed in 2010 by the Campus Council on Community and Diversity (CCC&D) as a part of their Campus Action Plan. The Initiative seeks to proactively engage the entire campus community in educational programs, training, and activities designed to confront and stop acts of hate, foster a greater awareness and appreciation for diversity, promote civility and respect in our human interactions, and build a more inclusive campus community.



One-Time Use Items

  • Speaker & Performer fees 

  • Equipment rentals

  • Facility or Venue rental fees

  • Event supplies

  • Printing costs (NOTE: These items must include ASUCD and CFC logos as sponsors) 

  • Insurance for off-campus vendors

  • Event service fees

Food & Drinks

Your organization may purchase food and drinks with Beyond Tolerance funds. However, your expenses cannot exceed 50% of your total request amount.

For an extend list with examples, click HERE


1. Off-campus events

2. Events with an admission fee

3. Multiple-Use Items:

    • Reusable Marketing Materials (i.e., banners, T-shirts, hats)
    • Publication Software for magazines, annual publications, etc.
    • Online Services to host virtual events/conferences
    • Marketing Software Subscriptions like Canva Pro
    • Costumes

IMPORTANT - RSO Contribution

To qualify for a Beyond Tolerance grant, your RSO must contribute at least 10% of your TOTAL event costs.

Here are types of contributions RSOs have used to meet the ≥ 10%:

    • Agency Account
    • Member Dues
    • Donations
    • Departmental Funding
    • Other Campus Grants

**NOTE: If your RSO is utilizing Departmental or Grant Funding, you MUST provide a copy of your Agency Account, an email confirmation, or an approval letter to confirm your RSO has secured the funding

Other Grants Opportunities On-Campus:

Application Process

STEP 1: Make a Reservation

IMPORTANT: Only Authorized Reservers are able to make reservations. Typically Authorized Reservers are 2 out of the 3 RSO officers.

1. Go to the CES website and click on ‘Students, Staff, and Campus Interest Groups’ to access the Online Reservation Form.

2.Click on ‘New Reservation’ and choose the appropriate account and organization profile which you’re making a reservation for.

3. Once completed, you will select the details for the building/room, date, attendance, and client/catering and event times for your event.

    • Client/Catering Time: The time that the RSO (client) is allowed in the facility for their own setup and cleanup.
    • Event Time: The actual time of the event when guests are expected to be in the facility.

4. When you add all the reservations you need, click “Proceed to Event Information”.

5. Afterward, you’ll need to fill out questions such as contact, billing, and event information such as whether you’ll be collecting money or have amplified sound.

6. When you click “Submit,” the Reservation team will be notified of your request.

STEP 2: Complete the Application

To complete the application you will need to fill out TWO forms:

1. 2023-2024 CSI Grants Orientation

    • This form will educate you on all the CSI grants available to undergraduate Registered Student Organizations (RSOs).
    • There are comprehension questions throughout the orientation. Each question requires a response, but they are not scored. You MUST answer all the questions to complete the form.

2. Beyond Tolerance Grant Application

    • Ensure all the information in your application is factual and meets the minimum Beyond Tolerance requirements (which are listed in the orientation).
    • To verify the costs you listed in the budget above, your organization will need to upload estimates for each expense.

Examples of estimates can include but are not limited to:
    • Service Quotes
    • Rental Estimates
    • Menus
    • Screenshots of online shopping carts
    • Our quote template for companies that do not provide formal estimates (i.e., performers, DJs, small catering companies, etc.)
STEP 3: Intake Meeting

Once your application passes the initial review, your RSO will be required to attend an intake meeting to review your application and make any modifications as needed. 

STEP 4: Financial Agreement
If the application is approved, the CSI Student Grants Manager will send a Finance Agreement indicating the approved award amounts and expenses. All 3 of your RSO officers will need to sign it within 5 business days.
STEP 5: Expenditure Report

IMPORTANT: Your Expenditure Report due date will be 10 business days after your event date. It’s also listed on your Finance Agreement.

Required Materials:

1. Take 4-5 photos of your funded event or program

    • If your organization created a publication, you only need to upload a copy of the publication.

2. ALL receipts for purchases going towards your event.

3. If applicable:

    • Copies of your funded printing materials (i.e., fliers, banners, publications, etc.).

Supporting documents consist of quotes, estimates, and/or reservation confirmations for the items you are requesting CFC funding. They must be attached to your grant application when you turn it in. A grant application that does not include supporting documents will not be funded. Quotes that are older than 60 days will not be accepted.Note that CFC cannot fund line-items that have already been paid for. Make sure that the costs listed on your quotes match up with the amount requested on your grant application. These are suggested quotes. Ultimately the CFC Board will determine if your quote is sufficient.

  • Gas Quote using CFC requests that any student organization requesting funding for gas expenses use Note that if the gas is for a travel-related event, it will fall under the CFC Travel Cap.
  • On-Campus Facility Rental: Many student organizations rent campus spaces for their events. Some examples of paid spaces include the ARC, some rooms in the Memorial Union, and the Student Community Center. Please note that there are rules regarding on-campus facility rentals.
  • Sample Off-Campus Facility Rental Quotes: These estimates will vary in their format, and sometimes will even be relayed via email. They must include a confirmation of the reservation and the cost estimate of the space.
  • Sample Equipment Rental Quotes: Student Organizations can request CFC funding for equipment rentals for their events. These may include things like vehicle rentals, camping gear, tables, chairs, A/V equipment, and much more. Students can rent A/V equipment on-campus through the ASUCD Entertainment Council.
  • Sample Service Quotes: Student organizations often need services rendered for their events. This may include things like having a photographer, paying for Custodial services, Grounds, Aggie Hosts, UCD Ticket Office, etc.
  • Sample Performance Quotes: Quotes for performers (DJs, Dance groups, singers, etc) for your organizations event must include an agreed upon price, and indicate that the price was agreed upon by the performer (or the performers booking agent.) This can be indicated by obtaining a quote on the performers official letter-head, providing a contract, or having an email sent from the performer.
  • Sample Travel Quotes: For travel expenses booked online (such as vehicle rentals, airplane tickets, train tickets, hotels, etc), proceed with the checkout until you have a cost estimate. A screenshot of the estimate page from check-out  will be accepted as a quote. Funding for these events would fall under the CFC Travel Cap.
  • Sample Registration and Ticket Quotes: Registration and ticket quotes may include the price-per-ticket, which you can then use to determine estimated total cost. If there are any group rates or discounts, those need to be factored into your estimate as well. If the registration or ticket costs are part of a travel-related event, then those costs would fall under the  CFC Travel Cap.
  • ASUCD has provided information about their ASUCD Service Units, many of which provide services student organizations need for their events.