Bottles for Poverty

Bottles for Poverty, is a non-profit organization started in Davis, CA. Its main goal is to collect bottles, cans, and glasses to raise funds to build a school in an impoverished region of Ethiopia. Our goal is to raise $24,000 by the end of the school year to have enough money to build a school that will be able to accommodate hundreds of new and continuing students. Our idea is as simple as it sounds. We would like you to donate your cans, bottles or glasses to raise funds to build a school in Ethiopia. We are partnering with a ninety seven year old organization to make our dream come true. The American Jewish Joint Distribution (AJJC) has been very vital in many effective charitable works around the world. We will be working directly with Dr. Rick Hodes a member of the AJJC and a prominent humanitarian for the past twenty-three years who will be our mentor and support through this journey.

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