Campus mail (postage-free use of University mail system) is to be used only for the purpose of communicating with members of your organization who have on-campus addresses and for conducting organization business with campus departments. Campus mail may not be used for commercial purposes or in connection with general religious or political purposes or activities. If your group wishes to solicit individuals or departments, you must send mail through the US Postal Service. Campus mail may not be used for general mass mailings.

For example, a large stack of flyers cannot be put through campus mail for every faculty member or student. Each flyer must be addressed to every faculty member, student or student organization. Mail sent to on-campus residence halls must be individually addressed. Postage is not provided for mail sent to off-campus locations. When mailing flyers, the name of your student organization and mailbox # must be located in the return address of the flyer.

Mailboxes located in CSI are provided for every registered student organization, except for professional school organizations which have a mailbox through the Student Affairs Office at their school. These mailboxes should be checked at least once a week for CSI and other campus business, announcements and federal mail.

Your Group’s Name
Center for Student Involvement, Box #___
University of California, Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, California 95616-8706

To determine your mailbox number, go to AggieLife and select your organization under My Memberships, then scroll down to the Additional Information section.