CFC uses the following criteria in determining where funds are allocated:

  • Importance of activity to the UC Davis campus, student organization, and individual students
  • Importance of the activity in supporting the Principles of Community at UC Davis
  • Degree of planning and prospects for success
  • Whether the group has attempted to raise funds elsewhere
  • Whether the group has used funds responsibly in the past

In addition, grants need to be accurate, complete, and meet all of the requirements outlined in the Eligibility Checklist. Grants that are funded must also have valid quotes.

Yes! Club Finance Council holds grant application review sessions to provide applicants with the opportunity to ask current board members questions and review their grant applications before the grant application intake dates. You may also contact the CFC Student manager or the CFC Program Coordinator to set up meetings and ask questions.

Yes! Registered undergraduate student organizations may submit a grant application for each event they hold.

$2000 is the maximum amount a student organization may receive in a year. Most organization’s awards range from $50-$500 based on the complexity and need of their program/event/publication. CFC does not fully fund any event.

The money comes from ASUCD, your UC Davis student government as well as from Pepsi through a contract the university has with them.

Yes. CFC funding can only be allocated for ONE-TIME USE items. Additionally, CFC has a policy regarding funds allocated to Ticketed Events, and funds allocated to Travel-Related Events.

  • Plan ahead. Most successful applicants attend a review session and complete their application early so they are not scrambling last-minute.
  • Fill out the Grant application correctly, making sure all the $ amounts add up and match those listed on your supporting documents (quotes).
  • Declare your full budget on your application, including expenses that you are paying for.
  • Do as much fundraising as you can for the event: CFC will never pay for 100% of the event’s/publication’s costs, and typically will not fund more than 50%
  • You will not receive funding for an event in a designated space unless you have proof that that space is already reserved. Attach your reservation confirmation to your application.
  • Have exact dates: if you are having an event, know when exactly you will be having it; if you are printing a publication, know when you will be printing.
  • Bring your application in earlier in the day, so if something is wrong, you have time to fix it.
  • The CFC Board members are there to help you, but they can not re-do your entire application. Come in prepared with a complete application.
  • Directly answer the questions the board members are asking you. Being vague prevents the board members from getting all their questions answered (they only have a few minutes) and this does not help you.
  • Be confident! The board members are quite nice, we promise!

• Equipment rentals
• Speaking Fees
• Funding for cultural performers
• Room rental costs (on and off-campus) + associated services
• Printing costs (publications, advertising, programs)
• Supplemental insurance for events
• One-time services for events (UC Davis Ticket Office, Aggie Hosts, Custodial Services, Grounds, etc.)
• Transportation costs (gas, flight tickets, train tickets, vehicle rentals, bus rentals, etc.) *Note Travel Cap
• Conference participation (registration, lodging, transportation costs) *Note Travel Cap

• Banners
• T-shirts
• Equipment purchases
• Events that serve alcohol
• Food/drinks
Events that are not open to all UCD students
• Bulk items that can be used more than once if not used up the first time. Examples: pens, folders, paper plates/plastic silverware, etc.
• Events that do not have a confirmed room (reserved by student organization)
• Events that are being facilitated by UC Davis departments
• Applications that do not have supporting quotes included
• Applications with quotes that are more than 60 days old
• Reimbursement for items already purchased
• Items purchased for events that have already occurred
• Items that have already received partial funding from a previous CFC grant
• Events in support for ASUCD political candidates
• Requests not in compliance with CFC guidelines and procedures
• Payments to UC employees and UC Davis students
• Events that are co-sponsored by any unit of ASUCD
• Organizations not registered with Center for Student Involvement
• Organizations without an active agency account at time of application
• Organizations on hold or with “pending status” with Center for Student Involvement

CFC offers interest-free loans to registered student organizations. Short-term loans may be awarded up to $300 and have a maximum loan length of 60 days. Long-term loans range anywhere from $301 to $3000.