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Application Process

1) Complete the MANDATORY 2017-2018 CFC Online Orientation (AggieLife)

Once completed, you will receive a confirmation email. Print your confirmation and bring it when you turn in your grant. The CFC Online Orientation contains the information you’ll need to successfully complete your CFC grant application and have the best chance of receiving funding. Once you’re done, you should check out some sample grants here, and sample quotes here.

Click here to complete the CFC Online Orientation!

2. Download and fill out the CFC grant application

The CFC grant application is available on the “CFC Grant Applications/Other Forms” page. Fill out the application electronically and then print out 2 copies. You are encouraged to attend a CFC grant review session or schedule a meeting with the CFC Student Manager (cfc@ucdavis.edu) if you have questions or want to have someone take a look at your grant application before you turn it in. If you are applying for funding for more than one event, you’ll need to complete a separate application for each event. See what CFC funds and doesn’t fund here (#9 & #10).

3. Turn in your CFC Grant Application

Grant applications will ONLY be accepted on the specified grant intake dates between 9am-3:30pm. When you arrive, you will meet with a CFC Board Member who will go through your grant application with you, making sure you have completed everything on the Eligibility Checklist. Intake interviews usually last 15-20 minutes, and there may be a line.

Reminder #1: Only the student organization President or Treasurer can turn in a CFC grant application. The person who completes the application should also be the person turning in the application. You can bring other club members with you though!

Reminder #2: It is the responsibility of the APPLICANT to turn in a completed and accurate grant. The Eligibility Checklist is a tool to help you be successful, but any errors that result in a loss of funding are the responsibility of the applicant.

What to do if you receive funding

1. Get the results

All CFC applicants will receive an email within 2 weeks of the grant intake date informing them of their application results from the CFC Program Coordinator. These results will also be posted online on the CFC Main page and in Memorial Union 442. Be on the lookout for this email!

2. Getting the money for your event!

If your organization receives funding: You will need to pick up your Finance Agreement from Memorial Union 442 within 1 week of being informed of the results via email.

If you do not pick up your finance agreement within 1 week, your funding will be returned to CFC.

You have 1 week from when you pick up your Finance Agreement to have your organization’s 5 officer’s sign the finance agreement and return it to Memorial Union 442. Once you turn in the finance agreement, Center for Student Involvement will initiate the transfer of your CFC funds into your organizations Agency Account. If you have questions about how your agency account works, come visit Memorial Union 442 and we’ll teach you.

If you do not return your signed finance agreement within 1 week, your funding will be returned to CFC.

If your group received the funding and would like to decline the grant: E-mail both the CFC Student Manager (cfc@ucdavis.edu) and the CFC program coordinator (lahuling@ucdavis.edu) within 5 business days to inform us your organization is declining the funding.

3. Turn in your Expenditure Report, final receipts, publicity and complete the online CFC Feedback form

Within 10 business days (2 weeks) of your event/program/publications completion, schedule a meeting with either the CFC Student Manager (cfc@ucdavis.edu) to:

Please complete as much of the Expenditure Report ahead of time as possible. Your Expenditure Report Deadline will be written on your Finance Agreement.

Failure to turn in your Expenditure Report in a timely manner may lead to your 5 officers transcripts being placed on hold, your grant money being returned to CFC, and/or will jeopardize your organizations ability to apply for CFC funding in the future.

Note: If you received funding for an event that charged for participation (ticket sales, admission charge) you will need to bring in receipts for all your expenses and all your income) and you’ll need to complete the Ticketed Event Expenditure Report.

4. Celebrate, because you’re done!