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CFC Online Feedback Form (Link)

Complete the following survey after you have turned in your Expenditure Report to help us improve the CFC process for the future and to tell us more about your experience. You must complete this survey after your event to complete the grant process.

CFC Grant Application 2017-2018 (Word | PDF)

Now that you’ve completed the CFC Online Orientation you can begin filling out a CFC Grant Application for your Registered Student Organization. Simply download the application, type our your answers, and bring 2 printed copy to the next Grant Intake Day! With it you will need to bring your quotes and proof that you completed the CFC Online Orientation as well.

Eligibility Checklist 2017-2018 (PDF)

Please make sure to have completed all of the items on this checklist before submitting your application. A CFC Board member will go over this checklist with you when you bring in your application.

Mandatory Statement of Credit for advertisements for Club Finance Council-funded programs and publications (Link)

You must adhere to the following guidelines regarding any publicity materials created for your CFC funded event.

Expenditure Report (Word | PDF)

Please download a copy of this Expenditure Report to submit to the CFC Student Manager two weeks after the date of your event. You will need to attach receipts for the items that were funded by CFC and a copy of any publicity for the event. See the “Mandatory Statement of Credit for advertisements for Club Finance Council-funded programs and publications” page for more information. Additionally, if your event was travel-related, you must attach a roster of all UC Davis students that attended the event.


CFC Ticketed/Registration Event Expenditure Report (Excel)

If your event was ticketed/you charged registration, you must download a copy of this Ticked/Registration Expenditure Report instead of the regular Expenditure Report listed above. You will need to attach receipts for all expenses and income (i.e. ticket sales, registration fees sponsorships, grants, etc.) You are strongly encouraged to meet with the CFC Student Manager if you are doing one of these reports to get help filling it out.



CFC Loan Application

Student Organizations may apply for a loan form the CFC program. For more information about the loan program email the CFC Program Coordinator, Lyndon Huling at lahuling@ucdavis.edu.

Make sure you save all documents to your desktop before working on them.