Only the president or treasurer may be provided agency account information.

 Requests may be made through OrgSync by submitting the Agency Account Information Request Form

You will need to log in to DaFis  to check their agency account.  

Enter 2 in the query jump in the upper right of the page and select enter.  



  • Enter the following information:
  • Enter Account # in Account(s) field 
  • July 2013 to Current Current in Month Range Fields.
  • Once information is input select “process query”.



Be sure not to run report for more than one fiscal year as it creates an incorrect balance. If they need previous year run the report from July 2012 to June Final 2013.

Either save as pdf or use snipping tool and paste into email  and email to student.   Be sure to ‘approve’ in forms section in OrgSync.

Email template

Attached is account balance and transaction listings for (name of group)  since July 2013.  The current balance is .

If you have questions or need assistance please let me know.