You will need to check if their agency account is activated in DaFis.  

Log in and enter 2 in the query jump in the upper right of the page and select enter.  




  • Enter the following information:
  • Enter Account # in Account(s) field 
  • July 2013 to Current Current in Month Range Fields.
  • Once information is input select “process query”.



  • If the date on the right is not 30-June-2014 the account is not active.
  • If there is more than $35 the money can be withdrawn and we will notify business office to activate their account.  Let one of the staff know the account should be activated.
  • If there is not $35 ask if they have paid agency account fee.
  • If they have not search email for their group and forward registration approval email which details how they  can pay the fee.
  • Inform the group that it may take 7-10 days to activate their account once payment has been made.