If an officer of an RSO states that they cannot reserve rooms through CEVS below are the steps to check if they are authorized and if the information is correct.

Check if they are currently registered and their portal is not disabled.

Check who the two authorized reservers are in the groups OrgSync portal under Part IV: Authorized Reservers.


  • Is the name, login ID and email address correct?
  • Is the login ID a number?   Login ID can be checked at Mail ID Detective if they provided UC Davis email.
  • Is the end date June 30, 2014?  If  it is not  and they are registered it should be updated.  
  • Do they have an agency account listed in Part III.  


  •  If this information is correct you will need to check if their agency account is activated in DaFis.   Log in and enter 2 in the query jump in the upper right of the page and select enter.  




Enter Account # in Account(s) field and select enter.

If you do not know the account select the search icon (magnifing glass)  to the left of the red arrow.  Additional information is below on this function.


If you are not sure the account number and have selected the search function the following window will appear.   Be sure to  enter SAAA for agency accounts.    You can enter part of a group name and select enter. It should  list all groups with that name.    If you select one of the accounts it will populate into the original page.
  •  If the date on the right is not 30-June-2014 the account is not active.  
  • Ask if they have paid agency account fee.



If you can not identify problem at this point check the CES RSO login page  and OrgSync API feed to check accuracy of information.  If the information is different from OrgSync let Paul know.