Contact Books

  • Great for organizing groups by categories (i.e. treasurers, committees, vendors, etc.).
  • Can use import feature if a list has already been created in Excel format.
  • The contact book allows you to store information such as email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, and websites.
  •  Remember, you cannot send emails to individuals who have edited their privacy  settings t0 disable the use of their email.


  • This feature can be used to communicate ideas to organizations, officers, or a  selected group, where the creator wishes to gain feedback and continue groupdiscussion.
  • You can have an overall name for the discussion and also have topic groups within the discussion. For example, the discussion name could be FUNDamentals. Then, within FUNDamentals, you could have topic groups such as catering ideas, a timeline of the day, volunteer lists, etc.

Email Lists

  • Allows users to compile a list of emails by groups (i.e. treasurers, committees, vendors, etc.)
  • Remember, you cannot add individuals who have edited their privacy settings to disable the use of their email.


  • Great for communicating announcements to organizations.
  • Allows readers to leave comments.
  • Includes a photo uploading function.
  • Can send as a newsletter through email.
  • Remember, you cannot send to individuals who have edited their privacy serrings to disable the use of theu: email.


  • Great for voting, elections, and receiving feedback.
  • Contains many functions such as:
    • Leaving the voting process open vs. using a date range
    • Choices as to how the results are displayed or hidden from members
    • Ability to vote more than once