Contrary to the stereotypes associated with the idea of the military and Veterans, the  Davis Student Veteran Organization (DSVO) is very colorful. Our group is composed of various groups of different social backgrounds, cultures, ethnicity, ages, disabilities, religions, and sexual orientation. The various men and women who compose the Department of Defense (DOD) return to school in pursuit of rejoining their fellow students, aggies, and friends by doing well in their academics, enjoying the social events available, and helping give back to the community wherever possible.

The DSVO is a young organization, but we have and are expanding the resources available to help create a strong socials imprint that will ultimately bring together all Aggies, and the community through active participation, fun events, which will ultimately create maintain life lasting bonds.

How many members do you have?


Plans for this year

The DSVO’s goal  is to expand their participation at UC Davis by providing more social functions, continuing to provide Team RWB workouts every week, hosting fundraising on campus and with various veteran support organizations, participating with the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), 2013 activity fair, picnic day, Memorial Day Ceremony, UC Davis home game & anything else that may become available for our organization. As President of the DSVO my main goal this year is advertising and recruiting for the club organization that is ultimately here to provide for the men and women who have sacrificed so much during their time in service. In addition, the DSVO is not an organization that requires any dues and is open to EVERYONE, regardless of your background, age, or ideologies. Our organization seeks to increase student participation and involvement for the yearly events.  

What are the benefits of being involved in your organization?

By being part of the DSVO, students, service members and any other individuals who choose to participate will be open to the following;-Joining and participation is FREE! No Dues, no obligations, we only require you to want to be part of a group whose goal is to spread veteran awareness, help impact the community and unite everyone who wants to participate in fun and exciting club events.

  • Information on Veteran Benefits; GI Bill, Disability, Counseling, Physical Therapy, etc. 
  • Be part of a group whose objective it to increase member participation and by doing so create a community that ascends beyond personal, academic, or social limitations by breaking down stereotypes in social functions and team building exercises. 
  • The ability to join in on the various social hosted by the DSVO; camping, social outings; family friendly dinners; game nights, fitness groups, and so much more