Thanks for contacting us!  I will go ahead and enable your group so you can access your organization’s profile to re-register.  Please follow the steps below to complete the registration:

1.  Complete our online orientation:

2.  Login to OrgSync to update your organization’s profile.  Follow these steps:

  • Only administrators of your organization have access to update your profile.  To add your new officers to this level of access go to OrgSync and click on your organization.  On the left column select “people” and then click on the person you wish to change to an administrator.  Next change their access function from “member” to administrator.

3.  Do you need to open a new or renew an existing agency account?

  • Agency accounts are an on-campus bank account.
  • Student organizations need agency accounts to reserve rooms on campus.

***If you would like to open or renew your agency account you will need to pay a $35 fee after registration.  (Instructions are included in the confirmation email).

***You have 30 days from when you submit your registration request to complete the entire process or else your group will be disabled until you complete it.