If you have questions about your agency account or need assistance, please come to CSI at 442 MU and someone will be happy to help you.

Agency Account Policies (PDF)

Agency Account Deposit Form (PDF)

Agency Account Information Request Form (OrgSync Form)

  • If you would like an account balance or transaction listings, complete this form. Only the President/Primary Officer or Treasurer/Financial Officer are able to request this information. Please allow 2 days for your request to be completed.

Agency Account Transaction Request Form (OrgSync Form)

  • Please utilize this form for all Agency Account transaction requests, including:
    • Departmental Sponsorship: when your Registered Student Organization (RSO) has been approved for a grant/funding from another department
    • Check Request: when you would like to request funds for reimbursement to an individual or for deposit in RSO agency account or off-campus bank account, or to pay vendor or for services provided
    • Transfer of funds to another RSO Agency Account: when you would like to transfer funds from your RSO’s agency account to another RSO’s agency account
  • Only one transaction type can be requested at a time.
  • Only the President/Primary Officer or Treasurer/Financial Officer (as listed on the RSO’s registration in OrgSync) are permitted to submit transaction requests.
  • Transactions will be processed within 15 business days (3 weeks) from the date the form is approved. Time sensitive requests or those with deadlines should be submitted with that processing timeline in mind.
  • Still have questions about the Agency Account Transaction Request Form? Check out the Agency Account Transaction Request Form Walkthrough (PDF).