Meet Josh Moy

Josh Moy is a first year Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior Major.

Q&A with Josh

Q: Where are you from?

A: Elk Grove, CA

Q: Favorite thing(s) about UC Davis?

A: Being able to meet people from all over the world

Q: What are you most looking forward to at UC Davis?

A: I look forward to learning more about science, (hopefully) doing research, and living n my own

Q: Fun facts about you?

A: I can play clarinet and oboe (not at the same time though) and a little bit of percussion

Q: What registered student organizations are you a part of currently?

A: Catalyst

Q: Dream job?

A: Do research in neuroscience or something else medicine-related with a side job/hobby in photography/videography

Q: What is your greatest hope as an Involvement Vlogger?

A: My hope and excitement is to be able to meet other people with the same vision and passion for YouTube. Oh, and to also make lit videos!

Q: Anything else you would like to share?

A: Don’t forget to like and subscribe! 🙂