Winter Quarter 2017 - CRN 21699

Wednesdays, 2:10-4pm in the DeCarli Room (2nd Floor Memorial Union)

CSI is offers our 2 unit, pass/no pass Fundamentals of Leadership course for student organization leaders during Fall and Winter Quarter. This popular class will provide participants with an opportunity to network with other campus leaders and develop skills to increase personal effectiveness in a student organization. Weekly sessions provide a background in leadership, how groups work and how to plan successful events, as well as address common challenges with group dynamics, motivating members, accountability and follow-through, effective meetings and conflict.

Contact Jaime Allen at for more information.




Past students say...

“This class gave me tools to grow personally and help the club grow.”

“I especially liked meeting people with similar organization issues/problems.”

“It was interactive and fun.” “What I valued most were personal assessments, sharing experiences and working in small groups.”

“I learned a lot about risks and other considerations that go into planning an event.”

“The information on conflict management was really helpful.”

“This is a really important class to gain insight on leadership and getting people involved.”