student leader of the month

UC Davis students are hardworking, creative, intelligent, committed to their personal development, and passionate about leaving a positive impact on the campus community (and beyond)! Each month, Center for Student Involvement features one student leader a month to recognize all they have accomplished as a student organization officer and allow them to reflect on what they have learned through their involvements on campus. Get to know the most recent Student Leaders of the Month by clicking on their pictures below.


November's Student Leader of the Month
Sabrina Mohamed Rafi

This month’s stellar Aggie is UC Davis senior majoring in psychology with a minor in religious studies. Sabrina is the president of The Beautiful Mind project and has dedicated a large portion of her time on campus to raising awareness and destigmatizing mental health issues. Members of her organization describe her as dedicated, intelligent, compassionate, optimistic, and reliable.

Sabrina let us know that she got involved she found people that encouraged her to be the best version of herself. She wants to encourage fellow Aggies interested in leadership to reach out and talk to new people, this Sabrina says, will result in stronger relationships and friendships.  Initially, Sabrina was pre-med but decided to study psychology, this taught her to not be fearful of changing your paths and following your dreams to attain your personal goals.

In her free time she enjoys watching scary movies (especially The Haunting of Hill House). Sabrina likes to spend time outdoors where she feels most calm but also works out to help her de-stress and self-care.