student leader of the month

UC Davis students are hardworking, creative, intelligent, committed to their personal development, and passionate about leaving a positive impact on the campus community (and beyond)! Each month, Center for Student Involvement features one student leader to recognize all they have accomplished as a student organization officer and allow them to reflect on what they have learned through their involvements on campus. Get to know the most recent Student Leaders of the Month by clicking on their pictures below.


Picture of Matthew Van

Picture of Kiana Okhovat sitting front of a piano

Picture of Ed Chinedum Muo

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photo of Morgan student leader profile

photo of student leader matthew

photo of cj student leader profile

Picture of Sanjana Naik


Picture of Jillian

Picture of Mary Serafin

photo of Prabh

photo of Linda student leader profile

photo of student leader MELISSA

photo of chris chen

Picture of Nicole Garcia

Rupleen K

Picture of Shelina Noorali

Picture of Petra Nicolas

photo of Emma Ruder

photo of Tanya Azari doing spoken word

photo of student leader David Chen

photo of visla jasmeen

photo of armaan student leader profile