photo of armaan student leader profileYear in School: 4th

Hometown: Yuba City, CA

Major(s): Civil Engineering

Minor(s)/Concentration(s): Water Resources

On-campus leadership roles/positions/organizations: 
Bhangre Di Jann Dance Club: President (2013-2014, 2014-2015)

Sikh Cultural Association: Social Events Coordinator (2014-2015)

Engineering Joint Council Representative (2104-2015)

Other  Involvements: Published in UC Davis Magazine Nameless Magazine, American Society of Civil Engineers, Indian Student Association, UC Davis Jhankaar A ‘Capella Team, Davis Di Dynasty (3D) at UC Davis

Why do you choose to be involved as a student leader?
It is not about the title. It is a passion. It guides me to get involved, share information, and take initiative.

What have you learned about leadership through your work with others on campus?
Leadership is power but it does not mean you control, manipulate, and force your ideas on others. Leadership gives you the power to share knowledge and passion with people. Whether you are a good leader or bad, you will face opposition. What matters is how you handle it. You keep your team safe and help them grow.

What is your most memorable experience at UC Davis?
I cannot name one. It is a combination of multiple performances for my a ‘Capella  and dance teams. I've performed for the Chancellor and different communities. Their reaction is priceless. Seeing people appreciate the performance is the best prize.

What is your favorite UC Davis tradition?

I’d say Picnic Day. For most people it is a way to celebrate Aggie Pride. For me, it is a way for my team to perform in front of thousands and gain confidence.

What advice would you give to a student thinking about getting involved?
Just do it! Everyone is going to hesitate. You just have to take the chance and believe in yourself. You are going to learn something. If you succeed, you get to share your passion and serve your community. If you fail you learn how to make it better. You are only in college once.

How does getting involved complement your studies?
It teaches you time management.  Your classes alone are arduous to tackle. Having something else helps you calm your mind and improve your academic performance. It gives you other vistas of support. It gives you something to be happy about.

What are your future plans? (How has your involvement on campus prepared you for life after graduation?)
I have high ambitions. Everything I do is to face future challenges and reach that height. I want to learn more and get as much education as possible. I want to get into a position to share that someday. Hopefully I can inspire others.

Fun Facts

  • Role Model: My sister and Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • Favorite Quote/Motto: "Physical death I do not fear, death of conscience is a sure death" - Baba Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale
  • Hobbies: Painting (oil paints, portraits), soccer, singing, cooking.