photo of Student leaderYear in School: 2nd

Hometown: Hong Kong

Major: Mechanical Engineering

On-campus leadership roles/positions/organizations: 

Interim Unit Director for ASUCD Aggie Reuse Store

Global Ambassador for SISS

Volunteer at Project Compost

Member of Dead Arts Society

Past: Drummer of Cal Aggie Marching Band-Uh

Why do you choose to be involved as a student leader?
I wanted to open up different areas to come in contact with people more than just those in mechanical engineering.  I started at the Aggie Reuse Store as a volunteer coordinator.  I wanted to interact with people pursing different interests and diversify my network.

What have you learned about leadership through your work with others on campus?
First of all, there a cultural differences between where I am from and here.  In the United States, everyone wants to be involved and leadership is discussion based.  Everyone participates; the leader can authorize actions but they really want and need the input of others.  Leaders need to interpret everyone’s inputs to see how their ideas can benefit the organization.  Leadership takes initiative to bring about change.  Being involved means you has to be on top of your game.  You have to be organized and take initiative.

What is your most memorable experience at UC, Davis? 
Being in the Marching Band. Just about everything we did was so fascinating to me. Marching shows in front of hundreds of people was intimidating at first, but later it feels natural, and I started to like them very much. And definitely my first football game at Aggie Stadium.

What is your favorite UC Davis tradition?
Picnic Day is my favorite tradition.  Not just because it is the biggest day of the year.  Picnic day is a chance for people to come together, share experiences, and get to know people from around the world.  It is a diverse and colorful day.  Freshmen year I was on the marching band. I was with the band all day- at the parade and battle of the bands.  It gave me one unique perspective in looking at Picnic Day.  This year, running the Reuse Store, I ran into interesting people that had lots to share their life stories.

What advice would you give to a student thinking about getting involved?
Don’t be afraid to meet new people.  Davis is very welcoming.  Going to club’s general meetings is a solid starting point to getting involved in them, and a great opportunity to meet new people.  Go to Center for Student Involvement’s website to find an organization to join- that is how I did it- or walk along the MU to see what groups are out there.  Be committed.  If you want to be involved, you have to be committed to get something out of it.  Try something new; if you don’t like it you can find something you like elsewhere.

How does getting involved complement your studies?
Involvement gets my mind off my studies.  To take my mind off of studying, I find new tasks to excel in.  Involvement complements my studies since it helps me find people to share my knowledge with. Sometimes I even find my classmates through club meetings.  It has helped me interact and engage with people.  Leadership potions help you learn how to express your thoughts to other people. 

Future plans
My ultimate dream is to be employed at an automobile manufacturing company.  It doesn’t matter where I go. Leadership has proven even if I don’t know the language or culture, I can adapt.  Being involved has reduced my fear of expressing myself, taught me to take initiative, and help me not be afraid to being judged.

Fun Facts

  • Role Model: My grandmother. She is my mentor in life and has taken care of me ever since I came to this world.
  • Favorite Quote/Motto: Your odds of hitting target go up drastically if you aim for it. –Mal Pancoast
  • Hobbies: Bicycling, music, playing piano, and baking