Picture of Ed Chinedum MuoYear in School: 5th

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

On-campus leadership roles/positions/organizations: 
One Campus Health Coalition - Executive Director

Imani Student-Run Clinic- Member

Research Assistant in the Dept. of Plant Pathology

Research Assistant in the UCDMC Dept. of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (Past)

Student Health and Wellness Committee (ASUCD) – Chairman (Past)

Molecular and Cell Biology Club- Executive Board Member (Past)

Student Health Insurance Student Oversight Committee- Member (Past)

Academic Affairs (ASUCD) – Commissioner (Past)

Why do you choose to be involved as a student leader?
I wanted to make a difference in overall health and wellness of students on campus and increase student representation on campus health issues. Using my experiences, I can help others and create meaningful resources and initiatives.

What have you learned about leadership through your work with others on campus?
It takes a team of individuals to achieve a goal.  For me it’s really about hard work and dedication to achieve your goals.  There are many ideas; you have to find a way to gather everyone’s ideas and make sure all opinions are heard.  Getting others on board is a key part of being a successful leader.  You can’t lead an empty team. As a leader, I strive to be as collaborative and inclusive as possible. The One Campus Health Coalition is based on that.  You need to get everyone at the table: students, student organizations, and departments and staff on campus.  Everyone needs to be represented.

What is your most memorable experience at UC, Davis? What is your favorite UC, Davis tradition?
Creating the One Campus Health Coalition.  It was my most memorable experience since I took everything from my past experiences working on health issues concerning the campus student-wide population to create an initiative that pertains to increasing student representation and communication in addition to increasing visibility of health resources on campus.

What is your favorite UC, Davis tradition?

Wearing Aggie Blue and Gold. Also, I love Picnic Day.  Everyone stops what they are doing and enjoys the day.

What advice would you give to a student thinking about getting involved?
Do it!  I can’t stress enough that it shapes your overall perspective on life.  It makes your college experience a lot more tangible and applicable.  You take Chem 2A and just get a grade, but it makes a bigger difference if you perform research or join an organization.  It molds you.

How does getting involved complement your studies?
Involvement shapes your attitude and perspective and shows you that life isn’t just about books.  It brings people together. I’ve learned so much about myself and other people from my extra-curricular activities. Life is more than just a class and grades.  Being involved allows you to communicate on a deeper leader and build relationships.

Future plans
My future plans are to attend medical school and become a physician.  I want to assist underserved communities and improve their access to resources and care. I want to take my experiences and use them as a vessel to make a difference in someone’s life.  What I’ve learned in college is your experiences can be used to make change.  I created the One Campus Health Coalition to deliver student-led health resources to our student population and I wanted to increase communication among all health entities on campus. I created something that could help other students reach their full health potential and in the future, I hope to continue helping others reach their full potential.

Fun Facts

  • Role Model: President Barack Obama
  • Favorite Quote/Motto: “Make the best out of any and every situation”
  • Hobbies: Tennis, volleyball, swimming, nature walks, and learning guitar