MEDLIFE is an international organization that works to improve the overall health and welfare of families and communities in need in Ecuador, Panama and Peru through a comprehensive approach of improving access to medicine, education and community development. MEDLIFE Mobile Clinics deliver primary care services to individuals and families who otherwise lack access. MEDLIFE coordinates and combines its efforts with the local government and Ministry of Health and its full-time MEDVIDA staff conducts year-round follow-up services for those who need additional care. As future health care professionals and public health and social justice leaders, we will further provide education and partake in community development projects to ensure sustainable change. Through the medical model of “see one, do one, teach one”, we will learn about global health issues, work on ground projects, and teach others about these issues. This approach will ensure that our efforts are more than just a band-aid solution to the health care problem in Latin America.

In June MEDLIFE was selected as the winner for 2013 Kaplan Excellence in Student Collaboration  Award.

In just their first year of existence, MEDLIFE has made a profound impact on campus and in the community. They strive to address social and health issues in not only local communities but in other countries. Their organization is also involved in other volunteer activities including Village Harvest, SPCA and the Food Pantry at UC Davis. Additionally, they have created their own service project of collecting school supplies from the local Davis community to bring to Peru on their volunteer trip. They have true dedication towards bringing sustainable solutions to local communities and educating others on health disparities. We are excited to see what their next year holds in store for them!

How many members do you have?

Currently around 50.

Past events/activities:

We have held several events including fundraisers, community service, and group socials.In addition to these events, we also set up a booth at the Saturday Farmers Market to become more involved with the Davis community.

Fundraisers include: – Dos Coyotes – Thai Canteen – Pinkberry – Raja’s Tandoor – Chipotle – Panda Express – The Habit Burger – Picnic Day Sodexo BoothCommunity Service includes: – Village Harvest Tangelo Picking – Education Supplies Drive – Zumbathon Charity EventGroup Socials include: – Potlucks – MEDLIFE Intramural Soccer Team

What are the benefits of being involved in your organization?

A big benefit to being in MEDLIFE is that you will be surrounded by a group of dedicated students that all share a passion for improving global health. Everyone is very supportive of the organization’s events and you will meet a lot of students that will be willing to support you in whatever you do.Another benefit to being a part of MEDLIFE is that you will be able to attend mobile clinics to several countries, including Peru, Ecuador, Tanzania, and India. It is a very inspiring experience to be able to help out families in these countries. It is also a once in a lifetime experience to travel to these countries and immerse yourself in a completely new culture. Mobile clinic attendees are guaranteed to return to Davis with a completely new perspective in global health.

How can students get involved in MEDLIFE?

Stop by any one of our general meetings on Wednesdays at 8pm in Wellman 216! Or visit our Facebook page at the link below!

Find out more about MEDLIFE

MEDLIFE Facebook Page