There are a number of different requests that can made within the OrgSync system.  Every request is recorded and can be accessed if you click on your name/photo along the top global navigation toolbar and select ‘Activity’ from the user drawer. You can also access this page from the menu bar if you are already in your profile.

The resulting page is divided into four different tabs, based on the category of request. See below for an explanation of each.

My OrgSync activity screenshot


  • Forms: Anytime you fill out a form, the status of your submission can be found on this page. If you ever save a form or if your submission is reopened, you can click the wrench on the right-hand side of this page and will be provided the option to resume the form .
  • Exports: Any time you perform an export of any data within the system, you can view the status of your export here or click the name of the export to download it again.
  • Event Requests: When you create an event in an organization, it may require approval by your school’s administrators. In this case, the status of the event request and other relevant data will be housed under this tab.
  • Registrations and Renewals: Anytime you apply to register a new organization or renew your organization, the status of your request is housed here. If you do not finish your submission of if your request is reopened, you will be able to complete the form by clicking the pencil icon on the right-hand side of this page.