How to Change Officers on AggieLife

NOTE: Student organization registration will reopen December 17,2018 through February 3, 2019. Currently Registered Student Organizations can still submit officer change forms!

Did your student org recently change officers? If this change is occurring outside of the normal re-registration period, please follow the process below.

1. Confirm new officers are on the student organization's roster.

Current/outgoing student org officer (President, Treasurer, OR Officer #3-5) ensures new officers are members of the student organization's Roster and/or adds new officers to the student organization's Roster.

2. Submit Officer Change Request Form.

Current/outgoing student org officer (President, Treasurer, OR Officer #3-5) submits the Officer Change Request Form.

3. New officers complete requirements as necessary.

Requirements include:

4. CSI reviews and cross-references form and requirements.

When the Officer Change Request Form is submitted, CSI staff will cross-reference officers with completed orientation, Terms and Conditions, and/or Authorized Reservers Training. If requirements are not complete, the form will be denied with a comment that indicates the requirements still needed. If your request is denied, this is your chance to try again.

  • Access your submissions page to resume any partial submissions or view the status of completed ones. To locate this list, click on your initial or photo in the top right of the screen and select Submissions. This defaults to your list of form submissions.
  • You can edit and re-submit denied forms by clicking the view icon (the "eye").
5. CSI approves form and makes changes on roster.

When the Officer Change Request Form is approved, CSI staff will make the appropriate changes in the student org's roster.

Officer Information Guidebook

We are excited to announce our release of the Officer Information Guidebook. This Guidebook is open for all students to catalyze their success as leaders of their student organization. Resources focus on Presidents, Treasurers, Authorized Reservers, and Publicity Chairs, but are not limited to these positions! Highlights include leadership development workshops, leadership library, grants, fundraising advice,and more. All resources are available through Center for Student Involvement and at your disposal all year long.

Transition Workshops

If your student organization is going to transition board members, consider requesting a Transition Workshop to learn how!

If your student organization has already transitioned, is your process efficient? Learn new ways to transition smoothly. CSI staff will assist your transition process and answer all your questions.