Conference & Event Services is the department responsible for the policy regarding alcohol use on campus.

Source Document: PPM 270-21 Sales, Service, and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages 

For detailed Alcohol Permit Evaluation Guidelines, see

UC Davis strives to maintain a campus free from the illegal use, possession or distribution of controlled substances. Manufacture, sale, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of alcohol and controlled
substances by University students and employees on University property, at official University functions, or on University business is prohibited (except as permitted by law), University policy and campus regulations. Students violating these policies are subject to disciplinary action, including Suspension or Dismissal from the University, and may be referred for criminal prosecution and/or required to participate in appropriate treatment programs.

All state laws regarding alcohol and drug use apply on campus, as it is not a “sanctuary” from state law. All drugs made illegal by state and federal law are also prohibited by University policy.

Alcohol may be consumed on campus by those age 21 and over in private residence hall rooms; at approved locations with required permits (e.g., Putah Creek & Rec Pool Lodges; and in the Pub, Alumni Center, and
University Club. Alcohol is prohibited elsewhere. (See UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual Section 270-21.) Any violation of University policy regarding alcohol use is subject to disciplinary action; individuals are subject to penalties ranging from warnings to dismissal from school, while groups are subject to penalties up to and
including exclusion of the organization from campus.

A Permit to Serve Alcoholic Beverages is required in order for a group to use alcohol at a campus function. Campus departments and organizations may request permission to hold a group-sponsored event at which alcoholic beverages are served. University policy allows the use of alcoholic beverages on campus at group events under conditions that 1) reasonably protect the interests of the University; 2) reduce the liability of the University; 3) indicate that alcohol is incidental to the program being presented; 4) prevent over-indulgence, and
5) support the laws related to alcohol use.

An application must be submitted at least 10 working days prior to the proposed event to Conference & Event Services. The application will be evaluated and approved or denied based on compliance with campus policies and State Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control guidelines. Criteria used to evaluate a proposed event include the age composition of the group, how incidental the service of alcohol is to the purpose of the event, whether attendance is limited to members of the sponsoring group and their personally invited guests, whether the event is advertised, and the history of the sponsoring group.