Conference and Event Services is the department responsible for the amplified sound policy.

Source Document:  Permit to Use Sound Policies and Guidelines 

The following policies and guidelines have been developed to assure that amplified/ or sound at events held on the UC Davis campus is maintained at a reasonable level and is not disruptive to campus activities or community residents.

UC Davis is dedicated to the principles of free expression and supports the rights of both individuals and groups to use amplified sound to communicate with others. However, as a campus community with many diverse interests and responsibilities, these guidelines have been developed to provide fair and reasonable opportunities for everyone.

The residence halls have specific policies governing amplified/ or sound in those areas. Please consult the Student Housing Office at (530) 752-2033 for information.

Please read the following policy carefully and prior to completing and submitting an application for outdoor amplified sound to Conference & Event Services.


  • A permit must be issued by Conference and Event Services (CES) for any outdoor use of amplified/ or sound on campus. Permits will not be approved if the sound may interfere with classes, the orderly administration of the University, or unreasonably disturb campus and community residents.
  • The applicant MUST have the permit present at the event and available for inspection upon request by any University Official, Officer or Police Services Specialist of the Davis Police Department, otherwise the permit becomes null and void.
  • Sound checks must be conducted within the hours sound are allowed as indicated on the approved Permit to Use Outdoor Sound.
  • Speakers must be positioned carefully in order to prevent sound from disturbing persons not in the immediate area. Atmospheric conditions, buildings and the surrounding terrain can greatly influence the effect of amplification. All speakers must be at ground level.  Raised or double height speakers are not allowed.  The set-up should be carefully checked before each event and monitored occasionally during the event by the sponsor.
  • The level of sound must be limited to reach only the immediate audience.
  • If sound level complaints are received, the University reserves the right to terminate sound (amplified or otherwise) or to terminate any event that may involve potential personal liability, property damage, or campus/community disruption.


All requests for outdoor sound must be submitted on the Permit to Use Outdoor Sound Form to Conference and Event Services no less than five working days prior to the activity or event and be approved by the Director or Senior Manager of CES. Forms must be complete including specific details such as event title, speaker or performer name, time, etc. Incomplete forms will not be considered.