Safety Services is the department responsible for the candle and open flame guidelines on campus.

Source Document: PPM 390-40 Fire Safety

For detailed Candle and Open Flame Guidelines, seeĀ

Student-sponsored procession/vigil coordinators, should contact the Center for Student Involvement (CSI), no less than 72 hours prior to holding an event to get assistance with obtaining a permit from Fire Prevention. In order to support our students and insure that campus policy restricting the use of open-flame devices is upheld, please inform your student(s) that Student Affairs will provide fire department approved candles that will be distributed by CSI at no cost to the student vigil sponsor.

Per the Candle and Open Flame Guidelines, candle light processions/vigils must use candles with drip guards, or must be battery operated. Tea light candles are also acceptable as long as they are not hand-held and are contained in an approved holder. Pillar candles will be approved outdoors only. Open flame candles must be accompanied by a designated person carrying a fire extinguisher for the duration of the procession/vigil. Hand-held open flame devices are prohibited inside of facilities. Processions/vigils are to extinguish candles prior to entering university facilities.

Student Affairs support is available to student and student organization-sponsored vigils, not department or community vigils.