Student Affairs is the department responsible for the policy on distribution of literature on campus.

Source Document: PPM 310-25 Distribution of Information and Literature

Distribution of literature is allowed under the following regulations, which are intended to prevent interference with the free flow of persons and traffic, and with the regular activities of the University.


  1. Literature to be distributed must be of a non-commercial nature.
  2. Literature must clearly indicate the name of the sponsoring person or organization.
  3. Distribution shall not obstruct the free flow of traffic.
  4. Materials may be offered to the public but shall not be forced upon individuals.
  5. The sponsoring person or organization may be held responsible and charged for clean-up associated with the distribution of literature. Violations of this policy are also subject to Student Conduct guidelines and administrative responses that could affect use of facilities or other privileges offered to the group by the University.


  1. During Meetings: Materials may be distributed during meetings only by University individuals and groups and only when the department head or organization has approved such distribution.
  2. In Departments: With prior permission of the department head, free non-commercial literature such as pamphlets and brochures may be left in waiting areas, lobbies, or lounges assigned to a specific
  3. In Mailboxes: Only materials relating to University business may be distributed by placing copies in departmental mailboxes.
  4. In Residence Halls: Materials may not be distributed in on-campus student residence facilities or left in stacks near student residence mailboxes without prior permission from the Student Housing Office. See Reaching the Residents in Student Housing for more details about this policy and other marketing opportunities.
  5. In the MU: Flyers may be left at the MU Campus Information Center on the 1st floor of the MU. The information must include your student group name, UC Davis and be advertising a group sponsored event.


  1. Any person may hand-distribute literature in University outdoor areas open to the public generally, except that materials may not be distributed in outdoor areas surrounding on-campus student residential facilities without prior permission of the Student Housing Office. This activity shall be consistent with maintenance of University property and the free flow of persons and traffic, and shall not interfere with the normal activities of the campus. Interference with facility entrances is strictly prohibited.
  2. Bulk distribution of periodical publications, whether free or for sale, requires the prior approval of the Director of MU Auxiliary Services, who is located on the fourth floor of the Memorial Union.
  3. Outdoor table distribution of literature is restricted to designated areas near the Memorial and Silo Unions. Reservations for outdoor tables must be made through the MU Campus Information Center and tables must always be attended.
  4. Materials may not be distributed by placing copies on or in vehicles (including bicycles) on University properties.


  1. Publications produced by registered student organizations through AS Papers, that meet criteria established by the Campus Media Board, may be distributed in designated racks on campus. Contact the AS papers for details.
  2. When any party (off-campus non-profit groups or registered organizations) wishes to solicit funds for literature while using a reserved table, that party must receive prior approval; registered student
    organizations from CSI, and off-campus non-profit groups from Campus Events and Visitors Services.
  3. The campus mail is for official University business. Materials may only be distributed through the campus mail by campus organizations for communications with members with campus addresses and for
    conducting the organization’s business with campus departments.
  4. Employee newsletters, Dateline and UCDMC Update, may be used, on a space-available basis, for announcement of public meetings of campus organizations that are of general interest.