Conference & Event Services is the department responsible for the policy regarding the use and reservation of university properties and event arrangements.

Source Document:  PPM 270-20 Use and Reservation of University Properties/Event Arrangements

Any event in a University building which involves the use of decorations must adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Paper streamers are not permitted unless made of flame retardant paper.
2. Dry vegetable materials are not permitted unless treated with flame retardant and approved by the Campus Fire Department.
3. Butcher or construction paper is allowed in limited amounts if applied flat against a wall and at a sufficient distance from exits.
4. Use of scotch tape, staples, tacks, nails, duct tape, glue and screws are not permitted. Masking tape is permitted, but must be removed after use or a fee will be charged. Decorations are not permitted which would obstruct the use of exits or fire protection equipment.
5. Open flame devices or candles are prohibited in University buildings. Exceptions for fixed open flame devices must be approved by UC Davis Fire Prevention Services.
6. Fire permits are required for amphitheater bonfires held at Putah Creek Lodge.
7. Campus Unions Facilities have additional guidelines. Please consult Facility Managers.