The UC Davis Fire Department & Fire Prevention Services are the departments responsible for the Fire Safety policy.

Source Document:  PPM 390-40 Fire Safety

Fire and safety regulations require persons, groups or organizations that are responsible for meetings, programs or performances in any University classroom or auditorium adhere strictly to the following:

1. Except when entering or leaving the room, no person or persons shall be allowed to sit or stand in any doorway, aisle or passageway that is meant to serve as a means of emergency exit from the room.
2. The number of persons admitted to any classroom or auditorium shall not exceed the posted number.
3. No seats shall be added to any classroom or auditorium without first obtaining written permission from the Campus Fire Chief or his/her authorized representative.
4. In areas in which row seating is set up from time to time (i.e., meetings, theater productions, concerts) a minimum of twelve inches (front to back) must be left open between each row of seats.
5. Fire Prevention will conduct periodic inspections to insure strict compliance by all persons concerned. NOTE: Sponsoring groups shall be held accountable for violations.