The Office of the Chancellor is the department responsible for the policy related to political and religious activities.

Source Document: PPM 400-01 Freedom of Expression

As a State instrumentality, the University must remain neutral on religious and political matters. Therefore, religious and political registered student organizations shall have access to University properties on the same basis as all other registered student organizations.

When University meeting areas are used for political or religious purposes, and when materials such as posters, notices, handbills, and banners are distributed or displayed on the campus for political or religious purposes, the use must conform to all general regulations concerning the time, place, and manner of speech or advocacy (see regulations on posting, distribution of literature, fundraising, non-University speakers, quad and outdoor speech areas).

Public expression in the form of freedom of speech and advocacy may be exercised on campus at such times and places and in such a manner as to assure orderly conduct; the least possible interference with University responsibilities as an educational institution; protection of the rights of individuals in the use of University properties; and reasonable protection of persons against practices that would make them involuntary audiences.

Students, staff, or faculty who are candidates for an off-campus political office shall have no extra or additional rights to post or exhibit materials on campus that advocate their candidacy. Off-campus candidates (like other non-University affiliated individuals) generally may not post or exhibit materials on campus. See posting guidelines.

These policies in no way constitute prohibitions on the right of any individual in the University community to express political or religious views. The University recognizes, supports, and shall not abridge the constitutional rights of faculty, students, and staff to participate, either as individuals or as members of groups, in religious activities and in the political process of supporting candidates for public office or any other political activity.