Transportation, Airport, and Parking Services is the department responsible for the Posting of Information policy on campus.

Source Document:  PPM 310-27 Posting of Information 

Posting is allowed under the following regulations which are intended to prevent interference with the free flow of persons and traffic and with the regular activities of the University.

General Guidelines

The following information pertains to all posting on campus, both indoors and outdoors.

  1. Only one notice per event/activity per bulletin board is allowed.
  2. No 3-dimensional materials may be posted on any public University Bulletin Boards (materials must lay flat on the board).
  3. All posted materials must clearly indicate the name of the sponsoring department, organization, or person.
  4. No poster, handbill, or any other form of announcement or statement may be placed on, attached to, hung from, propped against, or written on any structure or natural feature of the campus such as walls, doors of buildings (either inside or outside), windows, restrooms, building or directional signboards, the surface of walkways or roads, fountains, posts, columns, waste receptacles, or trees. The cost of labor associated with enforcement, removal, or restoration may be billed by Grounds for most violations to the department, organization, or person(s) responsible for policy violation.
  5. Organizations or persons posting or exhibiting materials in a language other than English must file a translated copy of the materials with Center for Student Involvement.
  6. The painting of signs, posters, and banners in the Memorial and Silo Unions and Lower Freeborn Hallways is not permitted.
  7. Chalking is not permitted on campus.

Public University Bulletin Boards (Only one per bulletin board of the following materials may be posted.)

  1. Announcements of activities sponsored by campus organizations or departments: size limit is 11″ x 17″.
  2. Off-campus events and commercial materials: size limit 8 1/2″ x 11″.
  3. Personal ads of students, faculty and staff: size limit 8 1/2″ x 11″.

Departmental Bulletin Boards

  1. Posting on departmental bulletin boards requires the permission of the department.
  2. Posting in residence halls requires the permission of Student Housing. More information can be found at Reaching the Residents in Student Housing.
  3. No commercial materials may be posted.
  1. Only campus organizations such as departments, registered student organizations, sport clubs, constituent organizations (e.g., ASUCD, GSA), and campus interest groups are permitted to place temporary signs, banners and posters at outdoor campus locations. Content is limited to sponsored events and student government elections and must include the name of sponsor, date, time, and location of event.
  2. Signs, banners, or posters attached to stakes may only be placed on decomposed granite so long as they do not obstruct the free-flow of campus traffic, damage lawns or grounds, or create a safety hazard, or interfere with a scheduled event sponsored by another organization. Signs, banners, or posters may be staked on the Quad lawn only in association with a reserved Quad event.
  3. A-frame signs may be placed only on decomposed granite areas near side walks. They are prohibited on sidewalks and patios, in streets, in all bike circles, and on all lawn areas of the campus. A-frames that do not advertise a specific event with date, time, and location will be removed.
  4. Signs, banners, or posters cannot be propped against, hung from trees, or attached to buildings, balconies, waste receptacles, columns, or campus directional signboards.
    • Only wooden posts or stakes of no more than 2” x 2” thickness may be used to support any signs, banners, or posters (no metal or plastic pipes).
    • Posts or stakes are to be hammered into the ground. No digging is permitted.
  5. Size limits for signs, A-frames, banners, and posters are as follows:
    • Wooden signs, lightweight plastic board (“coroplast” material), and A-frames are limited to dimensions of 2 1/2’ x 4’ (30” x 48”)
    • A-frames must be constructed of sturdy materials to withstand strong winds and weather conditions.
    • Signs and banners made of paper, cloth, and plastic sheeting do not have specific size limits as long as good judgment is used.
  6. Signs, banners, and posters attached to stakes may not be posted in the same location for more than one week art a time. However, ASUCD or GSA posting material used for elections may remain for the duration of the campaign period.
  7. Sponsors are responsible for removing all signs and materials within 24 hours of the conclusion of the event or they will be discarded. Grounds reserves the right to remove signage as part of their normal maintenance schedule.

Groups may contact Grounds at (530) 752-1655 to retrieve removed A-frames and stakes.

Commercial Advertising


University regulations prohibit the distribution of commercial advertisements on campus.


Posting of one commercial advertisement per event/activity per University bulletin board is permitted (size limit 8 1/2” x 11”). Posting of commercial advertising on department, individual faculty member, classroom notice, and Student Housing bulletin boards is not permitted.


Commercial mail cannot be delivered by hand to student organizations and residence hall mailboxes. It must be distributed through the United States Postal Service. Mail must be individually addressed. When mailing to registered student organizations use the following address: University of California, Davis, Center for Student Involvement, Name of Student Organization, Box #___, One Shields Avenue, Davis, CA 95616-8706.


Contact individual newspapers directly for advertising and insertion rates. The Associated Students newspaper, “The California Aggie,” is located on campus in 25 Lower Freeborn Hall, (530) 752-8660.