Davis Filmmaking Society (DFS) is the premiere student-run movie studio and film club. DFS creates opportunities for Aggies to explore their hobbies and interests with film and film-making. As a community of filmmakers and film enthusiasts DFS seeks to empower and cultivate the artistic community at Davis. The organization is three years old and has about 50 members.

Davis Filmmaking Society is open to all majors and all film levels. Experience is not required!

Past Events

Winter 2014 advanced screening of “The Quiet Ones” as a social
2014, 2015 Annual Awards Night to celebrate our community
2014, 2015 Participation and Winners of Davis FilmFest and Asian American Association’s (AAA) FilmFest
Winter 2015 Production: “Blood Verdict”
Spring 2015 Production: “Divide the House”
2014-2015 saw over 40 short films in total created

Plans for the Year

Expanding the pool of equipment for members
More movie socials
High production value for our films

Benefits of Being Involved with Davis Filmmkaing Society

You get to 1) network with other like minded film enthusiasts and hobbits, 2) support local artistic talent, 3) gain hands-on experience with film-making, and 4) have a jolly good time.

Picture of Davis Filmmaking Society during production of a film.

Davis Filmmaking Society’s Collaborations with other Student Organizations

DFS regularly participates in Davis FilmFest Club’s and Asian American Association’s Film Festivals. Additionally they collaborate with other orgs to create promotional videos or movies. In the past they’ve made videos for Humans Vs. Zombies and dancing groups. DFS also worked with Dead Arts Society to gain acting talent and had a movie night with them. Lastly they participated in Music Unplugged’s talent show as judges and created a music video for the winner..

Davis Filmmaking Society’s Contributions to the Community

DFS has actively encouraged and cultivated the multimedia, interdisciplinary art of filmmaking at Davis. A school that is not renown for its film program, DFS seeks to fill the gap left by the formal department here on campus. Many students wish to explore filmmaking as a career and/or a hobby but the academic coursework here provides few chances for hands on experience. DFS has for nearly three years fostered growth in talent and ability and will continue to do so. With our peer-to-peer learning style, members grow with each other.

They pride themselves in being inclusive and creating experience barriers. Davis Filmmaking Society welcomes all majors and all levels of involvement with film. Just come with enthusiasm!

Picture of Davis Filmmaking Society during production of a film.

Awards and Recognition

014 and 2015 AAA FilmFest People’s Choice Awards
2014 and 2015 DavisFilmFest several awards

Fun Facts

The majority of the officers since DFS’s inception have not been film related majors!

Picture of Davis Filmmaking Society logo.

How to Get Involved with Davis Filmmaking Society

Find us on all the web! All our links at: https://localwiki.org/davis/Davis_Filmmaking_Society

OrgSync Profile: https://orgsync.com/82396/chapter

Website: http://davisfilmmakingsociety.weebly.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DavisFilmmakingSociety/

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