Aggies for Humanity is a humanitarian club here at UC Davis. Their mission is to instill a sense of world citizenship in our members, to teach an understanding of human rights and of charity, and to do their part to make a difference in the world. They really drive home the motto ‘One World, One UC Davis.’ One of their top priorities is to give ample opportunities for internships and volunteer work to their members. Learn and grow by doing.

Past Events

Past Fall Quarter 2015 Events:
Krispy Kreme Fundraiser
UN 70th celebration, with the Davis Chapter of the United Nations Association at the I-House
Movie Night: Lady in No. 6
Speaker: Dr. Susan Miller (Refugees Then and Now: The Current Crisis in the Shadow of WWII)
Raja’s Fundraiser
Speaker: Sherry Tehrani from the OMID Foundation in Tehran, Iran
Dot Island Grill Fundraiser
Bambu Fundraiser
Celebration of the UN Declaration of Human Rights with the Davis Chapter of the UNA, at the I-House

Past Winter Quarter 2016 Events:
Speaker: Gabe Griess, 2016 CA State Senator Candidate
Helped Davis UNA-USA prune the UN Peace Roses
Movie Night: Syrian Children on the Front-Line

Plans for the Year

Upcoming events:
Dot Island Grill Fundraiser
Ramen Fundraiser
Open Rice Kitchen Fundraiser
Make Love, Not War event in the MU (hand out free roses to students)
Will participate in the 2016 Undergraduate Leadership Conference as a club
Movie Night: Battle Zones in Ukraine & Syria
Speaker: Dr. Flagg Miller. He will come talk about the US/Middle East, ISIS, terrorism, etc. Then will hold Q/A session with members
Participate in Davis UNA’s event: International Women’s Day. There will be a speaker/reception at the I-House
Experience humanity. They’ll be attending the UC Davis Symphony Orchestra’s performance of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, Ode to Joy, at the Mondavi Center
Date TBA in winter quarter 2016: They are going to partner with the International Relations Student Organization again this quarter to host a movie night and watch a documentary about the OMID Foundation
They are going to work with the UCD Music Department to host a benefit concert for the Syrian refugees

Picture of members of Aggies for Humanity

Benefits of Being Involved with Aggies for Humanity

  1. Be surrounded by like-minded peers who all care about making a difference in the world.
  2. Have access to fantastic volunteer/internship opportunities
  3. Make a tangible difference in the global community.
  4. Grow as a public servant and become more educated about issues in the world.
  5. You’ll have lots of fun, guaranteed.

Aggies for Humanity’s Past Collaborations

In Fall Quarter 2015, they partnered with the International Relations Student Organization, Iranian Student Cultural and Aesthetic Organization, and the Iranian Student Association at UC Davis to host OMID ambassador and UCD alumna Sherry Tehrani from Iran. Ms.Tehrani shared her amazing story about her humanitarian work, and they learned about the OMID foundation, the nonprofit organization she works for that’s based in Tehran that helps disadvantaged Iranian women.

They are going to partner with the International Relations Student Organization again this quarter to host a movie night and watch a documentary about the OMID Foundation.

Aggies for Humanity’s Contributions to the Community

Aggies for Humanity is constantly coming up with new ways to engage our community to participate in community service and educate fellow students on worldwide issues. When they fundraised for the Syrian refugees last quarter, they held weekly meetings to supplement our fundraisers and held discussions on similar issues. They contribute to the community by providing a way for students to both learn about pressing issues worldwide and to help work towards fixing these issues.

Picture of members of Aggies for Humanity

Awards and Recognitions

Aggies for Humanity’s launch date was in September, through a very successful donut fundraiser in the MU. The Facebook event for it got 1.5K RSVPs! It was a great promotion for our club, and KDVS heard about them through that.

KDVS interviewed them on their station in October.
CleverTalks (TedTalks for adolescents, basically) heard about them and asked them to come table at their annual conference in Sacramento this year.

Fun Facts

One fun fact is that they hold (educational) movie nights and attend fundraisers together in order to bond with their members. Another fun fact is that the club was founded by a close group of friends, and is now turning into an even larger group of friends as they meet new members. They always have fun taking many, many photos at every event they attend.

How to Get Involved with Aggies for Humanity

Like their Facebook page, and come to one of their meetings (Mondays at 7:30pm in Olson 223). They’ll take care of the rest.

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