Hermanas Unidas is here to provide undergraduate and graduate resources to their members which are focused on community service, academics, and collegiate networking. Their organization is predominantly Latina based but they are open to individuals of all identities. They want to be a home away from home for their members and to do that, they put on different events to give the opportunity of building closer relationships with one another. Hermanas Unidas has been on campus for four years and has 35 members.

Past Events & Activities

  • Hermanas Unidas Statewide Conference- 2014
  • Fall Retreat
  • Spring Retreat
  • Blue Abyss (fundraising/club event)
  • Socials with other organizations such as Sigma Lambda Beta, Lambda Theta Phi, and other Hermanas Unidas/Hermanos Unidos familias at other schools.

Plans for this year

They plan on continuing to provide a space where members are able to heal together and withstand the struggles and stress of college when sharing experiences and finding similarities amongst one another.



The benefits of being in this organization is finding people who will take the time to hear you out. Ever since joining this organization, members have not felt alone on this campus because they always happen to run into any of their hermanas everywhere on campus.


They have socials with other organizations in hopes to allow our members to branch out from just hanging out with hermanas. At these socials, they will have a bunch of icebreakers and teamworking activities.

Contributions to the Community

Their members are always open to helping out the community in any way possible, especially by supporting another organization’s events.


Fun Facts

Usually, members that join are very introverted at first but after being involved, they are more comfortable with socializing.

How can students get involved?

Attend a general body meeting or talk to any hermana! General body meetings are 7:30pm to 8:30pm in Veihmeyer 212.


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