Morning Sign Out’s mission is to minimize the divide between the world of medicine and science and that of the greater public by improving public health literacy. We believe that many health issues could be prevented if only patients had better access to health resources and if medical language/articles were delivered in a more public-friendly manner. In order to achieve these goals, we are striving to provide various opportunities (Street Medicine and Publications) to our members that will not only help them grow as future health professionals but will also benefit public health while doing so.

Past Events & Activities

-Premed Q&A with Dr. Andrew Lee.
-Speaker Event with Dr. Diana Cassady.
-Movie Social.
-Cupcake Fundraiser.
-Blaze Fundraiser.
-Joint Information Session with the Aggie Transcript and Narrative Pre-Health.

Plans for this year

They are currently continuing to better improve and develop their Street Medicine program as well as their Publication program, so that every member in Morning Sign Out will be able to receive enriching experiences through their participation. In order to achieve this, Morning Sign Out strives to expand and reach out to the UC Davis community; this will not only help them evolve their programs for their members but will also provide them with the opportunity to hear what the community has to say about health and put these ideas into action.


Those who are a part of Morning Sign Out are not just simply “members” of a club. They are a part of a close knit of students who all have the opportunity to voice their ideas and collaborate with other members in order carry out projects that will improve health locally and globally. Morning Sign Out provide students with the chance to cultivate their leadership skills as well as teamwork skills. Those in the Publishing Team are able to sharpen their writing skills, while simultaneously learn more about the latest developments in health and science. Members who demonstrate exceptional dedication and effort will be considered for shadowing opportunities.

Last year, they collaborated with the Aggie Transcript and Narrative Pre-Health to hold a joint information session that helped UC Davis students see the unique characteristics and goals that differentiate the three organizations.
Contributions to the Community

Morning Sign Out have held several informative events (e.g. pre-med Q&A, speaker events, etc.) that serves to help guide pre-health students in their journeys toward their desired health professions. Morning Sign Out also has a Publications Team that frequently publishes scientific articles on our website. Their writers and editors strive to help improve health literacy by making medical and scientific articles more comprehensible for the general public.
Fun Facts

Accepted to be part of the Student Organization Wellness Initiative (SOWI).

How can students get involved?

You can contact them either through e-mail or through Facebook.

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