National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) works with students to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and mental illness. We work specifically with the college campus community by talking about topics in today’s society that impact students’ mental wellness and health. Things like depression, anxiety, stress, other mental illnesses like bipolar disorder and even darker topics like suicide. By discussing the current feelings about the topics through our own personal experiences and the feedback and communication provided by students, we hope to create a better environment for students to discuss and help other by fostering mental wellness. NAMI has been on campus for three years and has about 25 members.

Past Events & Activities
Wellness Wednesdays where we go on the quad on Wednesdays and provide information and facts about mental health to students through means of pamphlets and flyers. We also recruit members who are interested or just speak to those interested in mental health. We have our general meetings every other week. We have don Mental Health First Aid training events every quarter with NAMI Yolo and get students certified in helping those with mental health crises. We also headed the firs Mental Health Fair on the quad last year where we brought together mental health and health groups on campus to share their resources and knowledge with the campus community.

Plans for This Year

We are also working on a Mental Health Communication Workshop to get faculty and advisers trained in mental health literacy to better assist students are going through difficult times.


Benefits of Joining NAMI
Students become lifetime members, and they become a part of a helpful and receptive community that is willing to discuss anything with them. They learn mental health literacy and can work with other students to help get a greater sense of the things happening in the mental health community. They also can volunteer in places around Davis and Yolo county to help organizations like NAMI Yolo with larger events being held.

We keep in communication with Active Minds and Out of the Darkness who are both involved in mental health and suicide awareness. We work together and collaborate on events like the Suicide Awareness meeting last November, or even just helping get other groups involved in the mental health fair.

Contributions to the Community
We have helped students overcome the notion of mental health means and what having a mental illness entails; in that they are not limited or less than a person for their illnesses. That boost in self and morale is something that is often overlooked in college. Students mental health is just as important as any other and that’s a message that has resonated with several campus organizations today. Spreading the message reduces that stigma being combated.

Fun Facts
Our group has become very close knit and welcoming in our time working together. Members go on socials and stay in touch outside of the meetings.


How Can Student Get Involved
Contacting us on the Facebook page, email, or simply coming up to us at Wellness Wednesdays. Anyone is welcome at the meetings.


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