Sikh Cultural Association (SCA) is an organization at University of California, Davis that brings together identities of Sikh and/or Punjabi Americans in the aim of providing students with a safe space that allows further exploration of Sikhism and/or the Punjabi culture.  SCA has been active at UCD for five years and has approximately 100-200 members on campus.

Past Events

Kirtan Night — an evening of harmonious prayer followed by dinner prepared and served by students of the UC Davis community. Everyone is invited — you do not have to be Sikh or Punjabi to attend.

1984 Discussion — discussion of the events in 1984 and how they relate to us today and what we as students can do to fix situations in Punjab through small steps.

Sikh Genocide Resolution — Resolution that deemed the acts of the Indian Government against the Sikh community in 1984 as acts of genocide was passed Spring 2015. This action was the base for the following events held on campus in memory of 1984.

Inkquistive at UC Davis Campus — The artist Inkquisitive paid a visit to UC Davis and made a mural that symbolizes Sikhi and what it signifies. The mural will be posted online and will be up to view when ready!

VCI Social — Vadda (big)-Chhota (little) Initiative is where Juniors/Seniors are linked with Freshman or Transfers to help them get to know the UC Davis campus a little better and understand which classes to take and when to have a well-planned school year. The Social helps the Bigs and Littles get to know each other better over ice-skating, a potluck, bowling, and so much more.

Turban-and-Hijabathon — SCA and the Muslim Student Association (MSA) collaborate to tie turbans or hijabs on students while educating them about what each of the head-coverings mean in each of the communities.

Bhangra Bash — One of the biggest events held by SCA and BPSHI together. Bhangra Bash is an evening of cultural events dedicated to meeting friends, enjoying cultural performances, and dancing. Dinner is also served!

Picture of Sikh Cultural Association members.

Plans for the Year

SCA has a lot of material regarding 1984 planned to teach the community of what happened to the Sikh community in the past and what is currently happening in Punjab. They will also be hosting other discussion events as well in relation to Sikhism.

They will be having a book drive from November 6th-December 10th as a way of giving back to the community and sharing the knowledge gained from reading.

SCA will be collaborating with ME/SA and particularly with MSA to host future events as the Retreat, ME/SA Week events, Turban-Hijabathon, and more.

Bhangra Bash along with other socials will also be on the list for cultural events and will be kept open for everyone to attend!

Benefits of Being Involved with Sikh Cultural Association

SCA helps with educating the community and providing service and a hand of friendship where needed. The organization’s main principle guided by Sikhism is selfless service, therefore they keep most of their events free and open to the public to educate who Sikhs are and what they align with. The values taught by the Sikh faith are truthful prayer, sharing, and hard-work and SCA is dedicated to abiding to these principles across the UC Davis and other surrounding communities.

Picture of Skih Cultural Association members bowling.

Sikh Cultural Association’s Collaborations with other Student Organizations

SCA collaborates with ME/SA, MSA, and BPSHI for many events.

Sikh Cultural Association’s Contributions to the Community

The organization has contributed through Turban-Hijabathon, through their discussions, and other social events.

Awards and Recognition

SCA was recognized by the Sacramento Newspaper (the Bee) and Shergill Law Office.

Fun Facts

SCA loves to meet new people and socializse and they welcome people from all over the world!

Picture of Sikh Cultural Association logo.

How to Get Involved with Sikh Cultural Association

Student can become more involved through attending their events, coming to general meetings, and approaching board members through email or social media.


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