The Slavic Association exists for the purpose of introducing Davis students to the various Slavic cultures by hosting social, professional, and community service events in the context of the Slavic community. The Association also strives to offer Davis students a place to be professional and equip them with the skills necessary to grow in this area. The final objective of SAAY is to impact the Slavic community both locally and internationally through its members.

Past Events

  1. Slavic Social Night – Introducing students in Davis to Slavic people and Slavic games.
  2. Slavic Info Night – Introducing Davis students to the organization, its vision, and its members in a professional manner and setting.
  3. Slavic Holiday Party
  4. Pot-Luck Night – Students cooked food relating to their Slavic nationality and shared it with everyone in attendance of the meeting that night.

Plans for the Year

  1. Medical Panel (2/1/16) – SAAY has invited Medical Professionals from around CA to partake in a panel geared towards all medically-inclined students in Davis.
  2. Davis Community Meals (6/?/16) – SAAY is planning on serving the homeless community in Davis by participating in the noble vision of the DCM shelter.
  3. English Lessons in Ukraine (8/1-12/16) – SAAY will be hosting its very own trip abroad to Ternopil, Ukraine. Members of SAAY will travel to a village in Ternopil where they have already made plans to teach poverty-stricken Ukrainian children basic English lessons.

Benefits of Being Involved with SAAY

Slavic food, opportunities to socialize with other students interested in the Slavic culture, 11 Professional Positions available for any member to hold (Executive Board and Committee Chair), Resources ranging from academic to cultural, Connections ranging from Sacramento, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, etc. to Davis, and Summer Trips abroad Slavic countries!

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SAAY’s Past Collaborations

SAAY has collaborated with the Russian Cultural Association.

SAAY’s Contributions to the Community

SAAY officers learned about leadership development and professionalism along with other student organization leaders this past Fall Quarter and Winter Quarter in CSI’s Fundamentals of Leadership class. SAAY also hosted events in Davis to increase awareness and appreciation for Slavic cultures.

Fun Facts

SAAY is the first and only collegiate-level Slavic Association in the United States; more than 7 nationalities are represented in the organization; the association is currently in the process of officially becoming a legitimate non-profit through IRS.

How to Get Involved with SAAY

Simply attend our weekly meeting on a Wednesday in Haring Hall 2205 and we’ll get you set up! Those interested can also contact SAAY via


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