The Student Fashion Association (SFA) at UC Davis is an organization dedicated to educating, sharing and celebrating fashion with the UC Davis student body. They are founded on exploration, innovation and collaboration. SFA is the perfect place for those with an interest in fashion, style or retail.  They bring fashion to the forefront of their members in an eclectic manner. Some of the activities they host include — but are not limited to — the following:

Speaker Q&A events with established individuals in the fashion industry

Career workshops and DIY events

Thrift Store nights

Exclusive fashion networking events

In addition, SFA hosts an annual charity fashion show to highlight the talents of their members, student designers at UC Davis and work of those in the Davis community. They do everything — from booking designers, models, and entertainment, to community outreach and marketing. This year’s show was held on Saturday, April 30 at the UC Davis Conference Center and was titled, ‘Wanderlust.’

Past Events

Speaker Q&A events with established individuals in the fashion industry

Career workshops and DIY events

Thrift Store nights

Exclusive fashion networking events with other organizations in the Davis/Sacramento area

Bonding events among members

Fields trips (they have an upcoming field trip in May to the Oscar De La Renta exhibit)

Fashion Shows and Fundraisers

Starting from October, the organization began prepping and planning all aspects for their annual spring charity fashion show. This year’s fashion show, ‘Wanderlust,’ took place Saturday, April 30th from 6-8 pm at the UC Davis Conference Center. They promoted the show using the hashtag, #SFAWanderlust.

The theme of this year’s show focused on destination, travel, and accordingly, the name of their show, ‘wanderlust.’ Designers for this year’s show include both UC Davis students and members from the Sacramento community. There were 12 collections in the show. The host, Nikka Magahis, is a fourth year UC Davis student who is the Entertainment Director at Aggie Studios. Student photographers, make-up artists and hair stylists were also be at the show, in order to help build their respective portfolios. This year, they are also donating a portion of their proceeds to The World Literacy Foundation: a non-profit organization dedicated to improving global literacy and access to education for everyone.

For the entire month of April, they are also held a Fashion Month! They have curated a calendar of events in honor of celebrating and sharing fashion. For this, they have partnered with organizations on campus including the Department of Design, Design Career Fair and Aggie Studios.

As an event of this extent requires ample fundraising, they had been fundraising all year through food-related events, thrift store events and item fundraising. For Picnic Day, their organization sold hand-made flower crowns that their members had worked on.

Picture of members of Student Fashion Association

Benefits of Being Involved with Student Fashion  Association

As their organization is the only on-campus outlet that effectively promotes, celebrates and shares fashion with UC Davis students, they serve all fashion, clothing and style needs. Through fall general meetings, students were able to hear from industry professionals on what their undergraduate experience was like to better prepare for post-graduate fashion avenues. Opportunities such as partnering with Aggie Studios to film “lookbooks” have served the needs of those seeking to showcase fashion for its aesthetics. They also offered a networking event, our “Mocktail Mixer,” where they allowed fashion enthusiastic individuals from the Sacramento area to connect and bridge formerly unconnected ties among fashion organizations in the area.

As the main project of their organization focuses on putting together their fashion show, there are several opportunities for members to gain skill sets required in event planning and professional development. They organize committees for fundraising, decoration and stage layout planning, marketing, talent and entertainment recruitment. Accordingly, members reap the skills needed to excel in these respective categories and gain depth to aspects aside from fashion. Allowing members to take initiative in micro-project planning for the show’s various elements, such as their Fashion Month, enables members to explore leadership skills as well.

Overall, their organization fosters a setting for those interested in all aspects pertaining to fashion and clothing to meet and connect together.

 Student Fashion Association’s Past Collaborations

To date (this year), their organization has worked with the following organizations: Aggie Studios (+Aggie NOW), Her Campus at UC Davis, The California Aggie, Entertainment Council, the Fashion and Design Society (FADS), the UC Davis Department of Design, Design Career Fair, the Davis Nerf Club and the Aggie Reuse Store. Most of the organizations included partnership events in order to promote both organizations.

Student Fashion Association’s Contributions to the Community

By working with the aforementioned organizations, they have consciously worked to foster a community standing with other organizations and a non-competition, but rather supportive, network. They have had an influx of emails and requests on how to join their organization more than ever (compared to past years), showcasing that there is a demand from students on campus to explore aspects pertaining to style. Their organization has helped foster a place where people can feel accepted for their interest in fashion and clothing as, unfortunately, showcasing an interest in these subject areas often comes with remarks on it being a superficial topic; especially in a STEM-based school.

Picture of members of Student Fashion Association

Student Fashion Association’s Awards and Recognitions

Their organization has tirelessly worked this year to improve how they can better serve the underrepresented style outlet needed on campus and showcase a more inclusive, rather than exclusive, meeting style.

Fun Facts

Their organization is known for always selling flower crowns during Picnic Day. Their organization has a mannequin they own and they occasionally use for tabling, and they’ve named her Monae. This year, they’ve tripled their membership and retention for members, due to a better marketing strategy and better content planning. They’ve also restructured logistics in their board to run more efficiently and effectively. Some of their members are designing for our show this year! (A misconception about their organization is that everyone in the club designs or makes garments for their show; rather, they source designers on campus and from the community to participate).

How to Get Involved with Student Fashion Association

They will host meetings every Tuesday at 7:10 p.m. in Wellman 115.



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