Bird’s Eye View of the Reservation Process

Reservation Process (3)

Who Can Reserve Space 

  • Student organizations must be currently registered and in good standing with CSI to make reservations.
  • Your organization is allowed two officers within your organization to make reservations on CES. They are called “Authorized Reservers.”
  • Student orgs can only make reservations for their own organization.
  • It is recommended that the group’s financial officer be notified at the beginning of the reservation process and kept informed of expenses as cost estimates are received.

When to Start Reserving Space

  • Requests for Meetings for the following quarter may be reserved the last day of classes of the current quarter. Fall Quarter requests are accepted the first day of Fall Quarter.
    • Reservation requests for MTGs must be made at least two business days in advance to ensure enough time for the approval process.
  • Requests for Special Events may be made for Fall Quarter of the next academic year as soon as the student org is registered and activates its agency account, and when its Authorized Reserver(s) have completed the mandatory online training. Beginning fall quarter, RSOs may reserve spaces through to the spring quarter. Each spring quarter, RSOs must re-register and activate their agency account to make reservations following June 30 and in the next academic year.
    • For SPEs in classroom spaces, you are required to complete reservation requests a minimum of two weeks in advance.
    • For SPEs in billable/paid spaces, you are required to complete reservation requests at least one month in advance.

Note: Reservation requests on hold due to insufficient funds must be acted upon within 2 business days. Failure to do so may result in the request being cancelled.

How to Reserve Space on Campus

  1. Before making a reservation, you can check to see if the space is available by date and time using this form: If you are reserving a classroom space, you can utilize the Classroom Lookup Guide to determine classroom features such as classroom setup, media capabilities, and seating capacity.
  2. Once you have found out if the space you want to reserve is available, you must reserve the space here: 
  3. Indicate the type of insurance that your student organization is covered by.
  4. Fill out event details. Keep an eye out for reservation fees.

The Difference Between MTGs and SPEs

  • Meetings (MTGs) refer to general membership club meeting reservations; usually re-occuring.
  • Special Events (SPEs) refer to one-time reservations for events such as banquets, workshops, and/or conferences.

Duplicating Reservations in One Form

Did you know that you can reserve more than one space for re-occurring meetings in the same form?!

Step 1:


Step 2:



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