Basic ‘Getting Started’ Information

  • Requests for Special Events may be made for Fall Quarter of the next academic year as soon as the student org is registered and activates its agency account, and when its Authorized Reserver(s) have completed the mandatory online training. Beginning fall quarter, RSOs may reserve spaces through to the spring quarter. Each spring quarter, RSOs must re-register and activate their agency account to make reservations following June 30 and in the next academic year.
  • How Far in Advance You are Required to Book Your SPEs Reservations:
    • For SPEs in classroom spaces, you are required to complete reservation requests a minimum of two weeks in advance.
    • For SPEs in billable/paid spaces, you are required to complete reservation requests at least one month in advance.
  • Reservation fees are applied (per room per day) to most SPE reservations.
  • Reservation requests on hold due to insufficient funds must be acted upon within 2 business days. Failure to do so may result in the request being cancelled.

Approval Process

  1. Center for Student Involvement
    When you submit a SPE request via CES, an email is sent to CSI. We are the first step in processing your Special Event request. After we enter in the event details into our event tracking system, we send an email to you, the Authorized Reserver, and the appropriate Reservation Coordinator/Facility Manager. Within this email, you are instructed to create an Event Form on AggieLife and to set up a meeting with the Reservation Coordinator/Facility Manager. Click on the graphic below to see a sample email that you will receive from CSI once your SPE has been processed.
  2. Reservation Coordinators and Facility Managers
    • Meeting with your Reservation Coordinators are crucial to the approval process.
    • While most SPEs in classroom spaces do not require you to meet with your reservation coordinator, almost all SPEs in billable/paid spaces require you to schedule a meeting with your reservation coordinator.
    • Your reservation coordinator will review everything needed for your event and confirm costs.
  3. AggieLife Event Form
    • All RSOs are required to create an Event Form on AggieLife for their SPE reservation.
    • AggieLife is a vital tool because it allows all those involved with the reservation process to communicate via one platform. It is CSI’s goal that student organizations will rely on and utilize AggieLife as a central tool for connecting with members.
    • To complete an AggieLife Event Form, follow these steps:
      1. Sign into AggieLife.
      2. Scroll to My Membership and click (Your Org Name).
      3. Once at the (Your Org Name), click Manage Organization.
      4. Once at the Manage Organization Page, click “Events” on the left drop-down menu.
      5. On the Events page, click “Create an Event” and complete the form.
  4. Service Units
    • After meeting with your Reservation Coordinators/Facility Manger and creating an Event Form on AggieLife, you may find that your organization’s event needs additional support and approvals from Campus Service Units. Connecting with Service Units is a critical step in the event approval process and your organizations event may not be approved unless you connect with your specified Service Units.
    • Check on the graphic below to find out how to connect with the appropriate Service Unit.


service units flow chart


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