Basic ‘Getting Started’ Information

  • Requests for Special Events may be made for Fall Quarter of the next academic year as soon as the student org is registered and activates its agency account
  • How Far in Advance You are Required to Book Your SPEs Reservations:
    • For SPEs in classroom spaces, you are required to complete reservation requests a minimum of two weeks in advance.
    • For SPEs in billable/paid spaces, you are required to complete reservation requests at least one month in advance.
  • Reservation fees are applied (per room per day) to most SPE reservations.
  • Reservation requests on hold due to insufficient funds must be acted upon within 2 business days. Failure to do so may result in the request being cancelled.

Making the Reservation Request

To reserve a room, go to the CES website and click on RESERVE in the top banner.

Click on Make a Reservation and choose the appropriate account and organization profile which you are planning to make a reservation for. Then, choose an insurance option for your event. (Most RSOs fall under the University Insurance Policy.)

Once completed, you will be presented with a page that details the building/room, date, attendance, and client/event times. Fill out the requested information to proceed.

  • Client Access Time: The time that the RSO (client) is allowed in the facility for their own setup and cleanup.
  • Event Time: The actual time of the event when guests are expected to be in the facility.

  • If you’re planning multiple events for the quarter, you can easily duplicate an event by checking the boxes on the bottom and clicking Add Another Facility Use. A second listing will appear with a copy of the information you have indicated to duplicate. Simply change any information desired for your next meeting.

After you’ve decided when, where, and how many special events you’re going to reserve, you can proceed to fill out all additional details regarding your reservation. This will let us know a little more about what’s going on at your events, what exceptions you might need and how we might contact you if needed. If anything has been improperly filled out, you’ll be given an alert letting you know what the issue in your submission is and how it may be fixed to proceed.

After you’ve filled everything out and hit that submission button, you are finished with your Special Event request! Once it’s been processed, you’ll be sent an email with a confirmation for your event.


Approval Process

Center for Student Involvement

After you submit the reservation request and receive confirmation, we send an email to the Authorized Reserver. This email provides the next steps to take for your Special Event:

  • You need to set up a meeting with the Reservation Coordinator/Facility Manager
  • Create an event on your organization’s AggeLife page

 Reservation Coordinators and Facility Managers
  • After you get in contact with your reservation coordinator/facility manager, you may need to meet with them depending how complex your event is
    • Most Special Events in classroom spaces may not require you to meet with your reservation coordinator
    • Almost all Special Events in billable/paid spaces require you to schedule a meeting with your reservation coordinator.
  • Your reservation coordinator will review everything needed for your event and confirm costs.


 AggieLife Event Form
  • All RSOs are required to create an Event Form on AggieLife for their SPE reservation.
  • AggieLife allows all those involved with the reservation process to communicate via one platform as well as serve as a record of all the events your organization creates.  
  • To complete an AggieLife Event Form, follow these steps:
    1. Sign into AggieLife.
    2. Scroll to My Membership and click your student org’s name.
    3. Once at the Business Career and Networking Club page, click “Manage Organization.”
    4. Once at the Manage Organization Page, click “Events” on the left drop-down menu.
    5. On the Events page, click “Create an Event” and complete the form. When indicating the type of reservation you have secured for this event, choose Meetings, reserved through Conference and Event Services.


Service Units
  • Your reservation coordinator/facility manager will guide you through this process and inform you of which service units you need to get in contact with
  • The Campus Service Units are required for approval depending on what your event needs. In order for your event to be approved you are required to connect with the Service Units that fulfills your event’s needs.
  • Check out the graphic below to find out how to connect with the appropriate Service Unit.


service units flow chart


Reservation Fees

In order to allow organizations to prevent going into overdraft, you can plan ahead of time for the facility fees.  The facility fees vary between facilities and can be found here.


Every organization is allotted three free Special Events per quarter.  These Special Events are only waived of the $32 reservation fee, not the possible facility fees.

After Allotments

Every Special Event after the allotments are used up are required to pay the $32 reservation fee for each reservation, in addition to the possible facility fees.