Scanning documents with the SnapScan scanner is a  simple process.   The scanner is hooked up to the CFC Work Station computer.    There is a user account for CSI use (csireception).  The password is in the notebook.  

  1. Open the Scanner and a light will appear.
  2. All documents should be placed facing down with the top into the feeder first.  The scanner reads both sides of pages. Be sure all staples and paper clips have been removed.  
  3. With the document loaded on the ScanSnap, simply press the [SCAN] button, and you can save the scanned documents to files.
  4. Press Green button and the pages will begin to feed.
  5. The ScanSnap Quick Menu appears after scanning has been completed.
  6. Select Scan to folder.  The scan will be saved in pdf format.  The name of the scan will default to scanned_file_000.  Change the name of the file in the menu if you want a specific name.     It will be saved in scanned files folder on desktop.
Below are screen shots for using the scanner.