Student Leader Profile – Roger Pender

Roger Pender is an outstanding student leader at UC Davis. With his approachable, encouraging, and hardworking demeanor, Roger excels in his involvement as the President of Bakuhatsu Taiko Dan and as a Student Assistant for the Department of Development and Alumni Relations. Roger understands the importance of balancing academic, involvement, and personal priorities. He knows when to take on responsibilities himself, when to ask for help, and when to empower other group members with greater responsibility. His group member wrote, “He is equally concerned with the group members’ musical development as he is with their academic progress as well as their physical and mental health. If a member is feeling troubled, he will pull them aside and have a one-on-one with them, offer a helping hand, and provide support and encouragement.”  Roger is a wonderful role model and a thoughtful person who is deeply invested in those around him.

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