Bottles for Poverty, is a non-profit organization started in Davis, CA. Its main goal is to collect bottles, cans, and glasses to raise funds to build a school in an impoverished region of Ethiopia. Our goal is to raise $24,000 by the end of the school year to have enough money to build a school that will be able to accommodate hundreds of new and continuing students. Our idea is as simple as it sounds. We would like you to donate your cans, bottles or glasses to raise funds to build a school in Ethiopia. We are partnering with a ninety seven year old organization to make our dream come true. The American Jewish Joint Distribution (AJJC) has been very vital in many effective charitable works around the world. We will be working directly with Dr. Rick Hodes a member of the AJJC and a prominent humanitarian for the past twenty-three years who will be our mentor and support through this journey.

Past Events/Activities?

– Fundraisers at businesses such as Woodstock Pizza, Taqueria Guadalajara and with campus organizations on and off campus.
– Bi-monthly bottles drives to collect recyclables from the Davis community.
-Participated in post-picnic day clean up in collaboration with other campus organizations.
– On several occasions, in collaboration with other campus organizations collected trash and recyclables from the main street of Davis.
– We participated in different service fairs organized by CSI, at UC Davis.

Plans for this year/upcoming events?

We are currently working on becoming a federally registered charity to accept monetary donations to help us reach our goal of $24,000, to build our first school in Ethiopia. We plan to hold more fundraiser nights at different local businesses. We will continue to collect recyclables from sororities, fraternities and co-ed and other members of our community.What are the benefits of being involved in your organization?

What are the benefits of being involved in your organization?

Being part of Bottles for Poverty is a rewarding experience to say the least. You learn to make a difference while having fun. While gaining leadership and community service experience we help to educate women and children and make this world a little better. We have shown our community that something as simple as trash can be used to change lives in impoverished parts of the world. Join us and share your fundraising ideas. We have room for more people.

Does your organization collaborate with other student organizations?

Yes we have! We collaborate with different campus organizations for fundraisers and other activities. To name a few organizations:

  • SIFE( Students in Free Enterprise)
  • Visions at UC Davis
  • Tri Delta
  • Phi Alpha Delta
  • Phi Beta Sigma
  • MSA(Muslim Student Association)
  • and many others

Please list any awards or recognitions your group has received:

  • Bottles for Poverty was one of the five recipients of the Blum Center Scholarship for Developing Economies for the year 2012.
  • Bottles for Poverty was awarded community service award from the International Relations department, at UC Davis, for the year 2012.

Any Fun Facts about your Organization?

Sometimes our members dream about collecting recyclables:)

How can students get involved in your organization?

Students can join our meetings that are held every Wednesday, at 7:30, at Wellman 129. Make sure to like us on facebook to get more updates.

For further information, email us at check us out  at!