New Student Organization Registration

  1. When a student or group of students identifies an interest in wanting to a new student organization, they must complete the New Student Organization Interest Form on OrgSync.
  2. Following submission of the New Student Organization Interest Form, a CSI staff member will contact the student to schedule an in-person meeting with an option to bring other members along. At the meeting, the CSI staff member and student leader(s) discuss the mission and purpose of the proposed student organization, responsibilities of proposed officers, etc.
  3. At the conclusion of the meeting, the CSI staff member will let the student(s) know that there is a duplicate organization and encourage the student(s) to explore that organization, or explains next steps in the process including online registration and in-person orientation.
  4. In the case that the student(s) have been authorized to move forward, the student leader will be instructed to visit OrgSync, find their new portal under My Memberships, and click “Update Now” in the orange box to complete the Student Organization Registration Form. Once the form is complete, the five officers receive email alerts to complete the terms and conditions.
  5. The President/Primary Leader and/or Treasurer/Financial Officer of the student organization must complete an in-person orientation. The in-person orientation schedule can be found here.
  6. Pending CSI approval for the new organization, completed terms and conditions, and in-person orientation attended, an email is sent to those five officers to confirm the new registration and share resources.

Registration Renewals for Existing Organization

  1. If you are renewing a current student organization you must be the administrator for that group in OrgSync.
    – Information on how to add group portal administrators can be found HERE.
    – If you encounter problems, email for assistance.
  2. The President/Primary Leader or Treasurer/Financial Officer must complete an Online Registration Orientation before submitting an application. Orientations are offered online or in person. Begin Orientation.
  3. After completion of the orientation, please update your organization’s information via OrgSync.
    – Instructions on how to update profile information can be found HERE.

For all new registrations and renewals:

To obtain or update a campus financial account (Agency Account), complete Part III (Agency Account Request Form) with the Registration Application and an annual fee of $35.

  • Your group will be assigned a CSI mailbox in 442 MU. (Mail to Law School, Med School, Vet Med School and Graduate School of Management groups will be sent directly to the Student Services Office in their school.)
  • You will be notified the status of your submission via email and OrgSync.

NOTE: Check with CSI for any holds placed on your group. Applications will not be considered until all holds are cleared. There is a $25.00 CSI fee to release any hold placed on organizations.

Complete Orientation for 2015-2016

The benefits of being a registered student organization.