Swim Club at UC Davis is a student run group dedicated to swimming; both the health and competitive aspects. We meet every day except Sunday for and hour of practice at Hickey Pool. The club also competes with other schools involved in the California Intercollegiate Swim Club Association (CISCA) and try to have at least one meet per quarter. Aside from swimming, we also work to promote strong bonds between teammates, so social events are common, and we’re planning more fun trips in our future! SCUCD is a great way to stay healthy and fit, and to meet people from all backgrounds and interests.

How many members do you have?

Approximately 70

Plans for this year

This year we’re looking forward to competing with Stanford; they recently started a swim club. We’re also looking into planning bigger social events, and have a plan to take a trip to Lake Tahoe currently in the works. We recently started some new traditions, so we plan on continuing these throughout the new year. As in the past, SCUCD plans to hold a home swim meet at the Schaal Aquatics Center this Spring Quarter.

What are the benefits of being involved in your organization?

There are endless benefits of being involved in Swim Club! It provides a structured learning and training environment for swimmers of all levels, and encourages members to stay fit and healthy while participating in an important life-long skill. In addition to the obvious health benefits of being part of a sport-based club, there are numerous social and academic benefits as well. In Swim Club, you meet people from different backgrounds and majors. Team camaraderie developed in the pool often translates into friendships outside the pool.

How can students get involved in Swim Club?

Swim Club Facebook Page