May 10, 2017

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Dates and Deadlines
Student Organization Registration Starts Monday, May 15!
New Announcements

Dates and Deadlines

May 11: Transition Workshop, 12-1pm, CSI Conference Room (442 MU)
May 12: Transition Workshop, 12-1pm, CSI Conference Room (442 MU)
May 15: 2017-2018 Student Organization Registration begins
May 17: Transition Workshop, 12-1pm, CSI Conference Room (442 MU)
May 18: Transition Workshop, 11am-12pm, CSI Conference Room (442 MU)
May 23: Transition Workshop, 1-2pm, CSI Conference Room (442 MU)
May 26: Transition Workshop, 1-2pm, CSI Conference Room (442 MU)

Student Organization Registration Starts Monday, May 15!

photo of register your student org slider

Student organization registration opens Monday, May 15 for the 2017-2018 academic year! Please read on for all the things you need to know to prepare for registration and complete it effectively.

It’s a simple process, but you need to be prepared. The four major steps include:

  • President/Primary Officer and Treasurer/Financial Officer must complete online orientation.
  • Submit a registration request form on OrgSync through the Registered Student Organization’s portal.
  • All five officers must review and accept terms and conditions.
  • If applicable and you want an on-campus bank account, access to space reservations, and more, renew your agency account.

Make sure your leadership team can access your OrgSync portal and is able to edit and update your profile on May 15. Visit our website for more information on what you need, the benefits to registering early, and the steps to make it happen.

Don’t let your student org registration expire! Register early to avoid this lapse in recognition and good standing. Registration for 2016-2017 expires, agency accounts go inactive, mailboxes are reassigned, and room reservations are paused on June 30, 2017, if your student organization does not re-register for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Questions? Email us at (or reach out to your CSI Primary Contact!), call us at (530) 752-9579, or stop by at 442 Memorial Union. We’re happy to help!

New Announcements

Clean Out Your CSI Mailbox by June 30

Be sure to clean out your mailbox in the Center for Student Involvement (442 MU) and collect anything important before the end of spring quarter. Your last chance to recover the contents will be June 30. Incoming first class mail will be returned and the rest recycled. If you have renewed your registration but your mailbox has been neglected for months, we will purge old flyers and junk mail.

If you do not register or do not have a registration request pending by June 30, 2017, your registration will expire and your current mailbox number will be discontinued and possibly reassigned to another student organization. For student organizations that have off-campus bank accounts or other community partnerships, maintaining registration and your current mailbox number will ensure effective transition from the 2016-2017 to the 2017-2018 academic year.

Join the 2017-2018 Student Organization Wellness Initiative

The Student Organization Wellness Initiative (SOWI) is recruiting registered student organizations for 2017-2018! SOWI connects student organizations with tools and resources to help them positively impact the health and wellness of their organization members and the campus community. If your organization is interested in joining SOWI, please complete the application by Friday, June 2. If you have questions, email Shantille Connolly at

SmartSite, OrgSync & Student Organizations

As you may be aware, SmartSite, a Collaborative Learning Environment for courses and projects, has been replaced on campus. Instruction in SmartSite will end in June 2017. Project sites end sometime in the 2017-2018 academic year.

If your student organization maintains any active SmartSite projects, you must transition to OrgSync. OrgSync allows Registered Student Organizations to access features similar to SmartSite such as calendaring, file sharing, polling, announcements, etc.

Please let CSI know if you need any assistance in setting up a new OrgSync site, or extracting materials from SmartSite.

Design Rooms for Chancellor’s Residence

Even before Chancellor-designate Gary May and his wife, LeShelle, move into the official residence at the University of California, Davis, they are welcoming students to be part of its very fabric – literally.

In the Chancellor’s Residence Interior Design Contest that launches May 10, the couple is inviting current UC Davis students to submit designs for the living room and study, which are among the public rooms at the Chancellor’s Residence. “The Chancellor’s Residence is a resource that belongs to all of the UC Davis community,” May said. “We are asking students to help us create an environment that is welcoming and one that reflects our campus community.”

What: Create the interior design of the living room and/or the study of the Chancellor’s Residence to be reflective of Northern California and the UC Davis community.

When: Entry period: May 15, 2017 – June 30, 2017, Judging Period: July 3 – July 31, 2017

Who can enter: Current undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at UC Davis as of May 10, 2017.

For budget breakouts, judging criteria and entry requirements, read the official rules. Entries will be accepted online starting May 15. Questions? Contact


Registration Updates Paused May 1-15

In preparation for the launch of 2017-2018 student organization registration on Monday, May 15, registration updates will not be processed between May 1 and May 15. If you submit a registration update to change officers during that time period, your submission will be denied. All student organizations will be prompted to register for the 2017-2018 academic year on Monday, May 15.

Find Your Officer Information Guidebook Online Today

We are excited to announce our release of the Officer Information Guidebook. This Guidebook is open for all students to catalyze their success as leaders of their student organization. Resources focus on Presidents, Treasurers, Authorized Reservers, and Publicity Chairs, but are not limited to these positions! Highlights include leadership development workshops, leadership library, grants, fundraising advice,and more. All resources are available through Center for Student Involvement and at your disposal all year long.

Learn How to Transition Your Board

photo of transition workshop schedule

If your club is going to transition board members, consider attending one of the Transition Workshops to learn how! If your club has already transitioned, is your process efficient? Come learn new ways to transition smoothly. Peer Advisers will assist your transition process and answer all your questions. The calendar has all the dates and times of the workshops. The workshops will be held in MU 442, CSI Conference Room.

10-Bed, 4-Bath House to Lease for ’18-’19 School Year!

A 10-bedroom, 4-bathroom house will be available to lease for the 2018-2019 school year. Only Registered Student Organizations qualify to apply, as the house is on campus. The process to apply and interview will start this coming fall, and the selected group will be notified and sign the lease during spring 2018. Email to add your name to the interest list to receive updates regarding the application process.

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