October 17, 2018

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CSI Announcements
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CSI Announcements


Beware of Email Fraud!

It’s important to be aware when checking your organization’s designated email. Watch out for suspicious requests or inquires of members. If you are ever confused on what to be sure to ask the members of your organization for clarification, for further clarification contact the Center for Student Involvement.

Take extra precautions like tow step verification processes for signing into accounts or by creating more complex passwords to each of your accounts. Let’s protect our organizations and each of our members by being vigilant to email scams targeting student organizations.

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Grants for RSOs Now Available


The CSI Grant Online Orientation is designed to equip you with the information necessary to successfully write a RSO grant application and receive funding. Completing this online orientation is mandatory in order to receive CFC funding, Pepsi Product Funding, or Beyond Tolerance funding, and must be completed BEFORE turning in an application. Your RSO only needs to complete the online orientation once per school year.

2018-2019 Grant Application Orientation

In addition to this online orientation, there are a variety of resources that can be found on our CSI Funding website. CSI advises and/or manages three unique funding sources – Club Finance Council, Beyond Tolerance, and Pepsi Product Funding. Click the links below for more information.


Club Finance Council

Club Finance Council (CFC) is an ASUCD and Pepsi-funded program that provides grants to help pay for educational programs, guest speakers, conferences, performances, cultural shows, publications and other events that enrich campus life. Registered undergraduate student organizations in good standing with the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) are eligible to apply for funding. Grant applications will now be accepted weeks 2 – 7 each quarter.




Beyond Tolerance

The Beyond Tolerance Program provides monetary support up to $200 a year to Registered Student Organizations for programs and events that meet the objectives of the Beyond Tolerance Program and the Campus Hate Free Initiative.


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Pepsi Product Funding

Each quarter, $3,000 in Pepsi products are available for Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) through application to and approval by the Center for Student Involvement. RSOs may request up to $200 per academic year in Pepsi product funding. Applications must be complete and submitted three weeks prior to the event to be considered. Submission does not guarantee funding.


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CSI Campus Posting Policies

CSI knows student orgs are busy trying to recruit new members. Be sure to follow campus posting policies by leaving flyers only in approved spaces. If not, your student org may be charged for clean-up.


Approved Marketing Options

• CSI Social Media

MU/Silo Tabling

Posting Policies

• LCD Screens

Reaching Students in Residence Halls


Not Approved Marketing Options

• Leaving flyers in classroom

• Writing on chalkboards/whiteboards in classrooms

• Chalking the ground outside of buildings around campus


Timeline for Meeting and Special Event Reservations

Requests for Meetings for the following quarter may be reserved the last day of classes of the current quarter. Fall Quarter requests are now accepted.

  • Reservation requests for MTGs must be made at least two business days in advance to ensure enough time for the approval process.


Requests for Special Events may be made for Fall Quarter of the next academic year as soon as the student org is registered and activates its agency account, and when its Authorized Reserver(s) have completed the mandatory online training. Beginning fall quarter, RSOs may reserve spaces through to the spring quarter. Each spring quarter, RSOs must re-register and activate their agency account to make reservations following June 30 and in the next academic year.

  • For SPEs in classroom spaces, you are required to complete reservation requests at least two weeks in advance.
  • For SPEs in billable/paid spaces, you are required to complete reservation requests at least one month in advance.


Pavilion/ARC Open Rec Reservations Requests

Dance groups registered for 2018-2019 can submit Fall 2018 reservation requests for the ARC Dance Studio or Pavilion Upper Levels Northeast, Southeast and Southwest. Groups may make reservations for a period of two hours twice a week (4 hours/week total). Groups may use personal radios in these spaces. No storage space will be available.

To reserve space, a Facility Request Form must be filled out and emailed to ucdarc@gmail.com. Registration status will be verified before reservation requests will be processed. Your organization will receive confirmation stating all times it has reserved. Be sure to keep this confirmation in case of any conflict. Reservations may be cancelled due to special events taking place in Pavilion, and groups will be notified when such cancellations occur.


Posting and A-Frame Alert

Make sure your members know Campus Posting Guidelines before posting to avoid Grounds charges to your group. A-frames and all outdoor posting must include:

  • name of sponsor,
  • date, time and location of an event, and
  • be removed within 24 hours of the conclusion of the event,

If this criteria is not met, they may be discarded by Grounds. Posting is prohibited on any walls, doors, buildings, windows, restrooms, signboards, surface of walkways or roads, fountains, posts/columns, waste receptacles or trees. Chalking is not permitted on campus. One notice per event/activity per public bulletin board is allowed.


Halloween Costume Alert

As you or your student organization plan for Halloween festivities, are you careful to respect other cultures and not appropriate anything for costumes or party themes that would communicate disregard or stereotyping of another community? Your leadership and wisdom can prevent something your members might never have intended that could harm others and reflect very poorly on your student org. Ask yourself…

  • Does this event rely on stereotypes of certain groups or encourage offensive dress?
  • Does it stereotype genders?
  • What impact could your costume have on others?
  • How does the costume align with the values of your student org?
  • What is the message you are sending out about yourself and your student org?
  • It is centered on ‘making fun’ of a particular people/ culture or campus group?
  • Would you be willing to send the photos to your parents, inter/national offices, the campus paper or the rest of the UC Davis community?

For more information, check out these resources:


Other Announcements


Apply for Davis Consulting Group for Fall 2018 

The Davis Consulting Group (DCG) is a student-run consulting organization at the University of California, Davis. We provide high quality, pro-bono advisory services to help companies and organizations meet their business goals. Apply to Davis Consulting Group and become a consultant and gain real life experience working with businesses to make actual impact in a company’s success! Applications open October 5, 2018 and close on October 17, 2018. Apply here!

International Education Week

UC Davis will celebrate International Education Week on November 13 – 16. This international celebration is an opportunity for groups from across campus to come together for over 50 events that promote international outreach, education, and research. The planning committee encourages student organizations to plan an event that highlights how you support and engage in international education. We have several $250 grants to help you put on an event during International Education Week. Please complete the online application if your organization is interested.

International Education Week Application




Host a Special Events in the Games Area

Student orgs can host Special Events and take over the Games Area! Do your own programming; blast cool bops, inventing a new way to bowl, or show off what your club does best! You can even apply to make it a fundraiser.

Check out the full details here.

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New Commercial Activities Policy

The Commercial Activities Policy has been revised to include oversight of university commercial activities by the Preferred Partnership Program, or UP3, and its shared governance structure. The policy aims to put additional structure around commercial activities that are mutually beneficial to the university and external partners. The purpose of the policy is to ensure that there is a fair exchange of value between commercial enterprises and the campus.


What does this mean for Registered Student Organizations? 

If your student organization’s on-campus event will include any of the elements listed below, you must complete a Commercial Activities Request Form for review by the Commercial Activities Review Board (CARB).

  • Acknowledgement or recognition of the goods, services, or financial support of a sponsor or commercial business (Examples include: logo on t-shirts, print materials, website; signage at events; verbal recognition at event)
  • Advertising or any written, verbal, social media or video publicity for a sponsor or commercial business
  • Commercial photography or any use of University premises or facilities, indoors or outdoors, for photographic purposes intended for commercial application, including motion picture filming, videotaping, or still photography
  • Giveaways provided by commercial business (Examples include: free branded items; food and beverage products, including samples)
  • Sponsorship or co-sponsorship of events or activities by a commercial business (Examples include: cash or in-kind financial support)

Please note that requests must be submitted at least 90 days in advance of your event.

Commercial Activities Review Board (CARB), a sub-committee of the UC Davis Preferred Partnership Program Advisory Committee, manages the review, approval and exception process for commercial activities and sponsorships on campus. All requests will be reviewed by CARB and a response will be provided to the contact listed on the form below within 15 business days.

For questions, please call (530) 752-6961 or email UP3@ucdavis.edu.



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